I Love You So

Hayden is Harry Styles twin. They were separated
at birth. She grows up in a small town in America as for Harry,
he is in her FAVORITE boy band: One Direction! What will
happen when she finds out he is related to her? Will her friends
think of her as the same person? Will she fall for another member
of 1D?


2. OMG!

Lexi's Point of View

"Where is Hayden?" I say looking out of my window.  I unplug my phone and begin to text Hayden; "Where are you? What is the good news?" I press send and wait a minuet or so and type "Hurry up!' I decide to change my outfit.  I walk into my closet. I pull out a white shirt, a brown/black/white mixed infinity scarf, jeggings, and my uggs. "What else needs to be done?" I say walking across the room to put in my owl earrings and put on my necklace.  There's a knocking at the door. "I'm coming!" I yell skipping down the stairs hoping to see Hayden. "Hey Hay- Josh. Uh, what are you doing here?" I say shocked.  Josh had been my bestfriend since kindergaten.  Hayden, him, and I were all the three musketeers. "Come in." I say politely.  "Thanks" he says his brunette hair bouncing.  I kinda liked him but I KNEW that Hayden liked him. and I mean like she could marry him. I'm pretty sure she wants to anyway.

Josh's Point of View

Wow, Lexi looks amazing today. The way her straight dark brown hair flows off her shoulders and her brown eyes were sweet and kind. "Uh, what are you doing here? I'm going to go shopping for clothes to wear to the 1D concert with Hayden." I smilied at her name. "Cool. I just wanted to talk to someone. Alex has been texting me lately. I think she wants to get back together..." I say staring at he ground. "I kinda still like her. But I like ..." my voice trailed off at the end.

Lexi's Point of View

I always knew he liked someone, I'm not sure if it was Hayden. "Do you like Alex still?!? After what she did. We were good friends but you don't see me going to hug her do you?! No because what she did is unforgivable. But you can do what you want Josh." as soon as all of these words are out I begin to realize that he is about to cry. "You know what she did was wrong. Don't you?" I say and he begins to nod. "Where's Hayden?" we both say at the same time. "I don't know, I'll text her" I say pulling out my phone.

Hayden's Point if View

"Why is traffic going so slow?!?" I yell knowing no one could hear me. I decide to play some music of the TMH album.  "Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you'd like, we can go out any day, any night. Baby I'll take you, take you there, baby I'll take you there yeah!' I sing out loud and start laughing when I get a text that reads 'Where the honey are you?' "Oh Lexi.." I remember when we mad up that code. But Alex helped us with that... 'I'm stuck on the highway. Be there in 5' I press send and soon I have another text from Josh; 'Do you want to see safe Heaven tonight at 9?' I begin to type as fast as I can 'Yes! You know I hve wanted to see that movie since i saw the trailor!' *10 mins later* I pull up at Lexi's house. She is waiting outside and she jogs to the car "Hey Hay-Hay" she yells. We hop in the car and begin to drive.

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