~Playing the Player~ (Harry Styles story)

Kayla is a normal 17 year old girl with a normal life and her best friend Chairle. Charlie loves One Direction, she can't get enough of them, meanwhile, Kayla isn't so interested in them. Until...... she meets Harry. She chooses to ignore the feelings she first has when she sees him , but how far will Harry go to get to her? It might just change her life, but can she risk falling in love again? Especially with a celebrity? Will Harry keep his reputation of a player or earn Kayla's trust and change for her? Find out in Playing the Player.

Written by: Kayla Costin A.K.A ~Mrs Styles <3~


11. The beauty of madness

A little bit later, a couple hours had gone by and I still couldn't get Harry off my mind. I looked at Charlie. "Charlie, I'm sorry... I have to go. I'm just too worried about Harry." I sighed knowing there was nothing I could do to get my mind off him. "It's okay, I understand. To be honest I really need to get home and check on Liam too. I had fun hanging out with you though." She smiled. I gave her a hug, stood up and sighed as a ran my hand though my hair. "I hope everything is okay." "It will be." She gave me a reassuring smile and took me home.~

I walked in to see Harry the same way I left him, except I could tell he had been crying since I left. The tearstains on his face and his blood shot eyes only proved my point. I walked to him and sat on his lap. I looked him in the eyes and brushed his hair back. "Baby.... You can tell me.... You are really worrying me...." He looked up at me and let out a deep sigh. "The tour bus has been repaired..... We are leaving for tour in two days..."  I knew this was going to happen sometime. I just didn't think it would be so soon..... I was afraid for him leaving..... What if he never came back? What if he found someone else? What if my dad figured out he left.. and came after me, knowing I was vulnerable now? In this short time... I had allowed myself to fall in love with him.... He was all I had..... I couldn't do this... I wasn't emotionally prepared for this. I started crying, HARD. "I-I cant do this Harry... You are all that I have, and I don't want to loose you... I am terrified..." I sniffled. The tears started falling from his eyes too, and he held me close, which comforted me a little. "Shh...." He said as he rubbed my back. "Its only for a few months baby..." I could tell he was trying to make the situation softer, but I only cried harder. I didn't want to loose the best thing that had ever happened to me. "HARRY! That's a long time!!!"  "Baby...." He sighed as his phone rang, he sniffled and answered it. "Hello? W-What?... but-I-.... " He silently started crying harder, and sighed, giving up the argument. "Yes sir...." He hung up and threw his phone at the wall in anger. He sniffled and took a deep breath, he was strong for me. I made him strong, and he made me strong. He cupped my cheeks gently in his hands, wiped my tears, and looked me in the eyes. "Baby.... I have to go now okay? But you need to calm down for me.... Okay? You are going to be just fine.... I will come back... You don't need to worry... I love you."  He kissed me, then slowly made me let go of him. He looked at me and then he left. I sighed, and began bawling. I just couldn't do this. No matter how many times he told me he would always be there and would never leave me I just couldn't believe him. Everyone who has ever told me that.... left.... There was a knock on the door. It was Charlie. I yelled for her to come in, and she was crying too, missing Liam. She hugged me and we cried together. I felt nauseous, but I thought it was only from crying so hard. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Charlie held my hair back. She was still crying, but not as hard as I was. She hadn't been through what I had. God I felt like I was dying. "Kayla... You really need to calm down... You are making yourself sick...." She sniffled and sighed. I tried calming down a little. I sniffled and coughed from crying so hard and calmed my sobs. "I-I'm so afraid he wont come back for me...." I sniffled. "He will.... I promise. You two have been through so much together.... He would never leave you... Not in his lifetime. Please calm down..." I took a deep breath, and finally calmed myself down. I could never have done this alone, I thought to myself as Charlie and I settled down to watch a movie as a distraction.~

Harry's P.OV.: I missed Kayla so much already.... It shattered my heart to leave her that way..... vulnerable... scared... calling out for me.... I had been crying, and the boys had been trying to comfort me, but the only thing I really wanted was for Kayla to be in my arms, so I could stop hearing her cries ringing in my ears.... Stop seeing the images in my head of her looking and being so miserable.....soothe her fears... calm her down and just show her that everything was okay... She was so vulnerable.... but yet so strong... She had been through so much... I remember seeing her in the hospital after her dad beat her.... She lived.... such a strong beautiful girl.... My angel....  Every time I seen her shed a single tear it broke my heart..... I just wanted to be there to comfort her... I have to call her. I have to know if she's okay....~ End of P.O.V~

I had started throwing up again right as my phone rang. I hadn't been crying, so I didn't understand why I was still throwing up. Charlie answered for me. "Hello?" Harry sounded confused upon hearing Charlie's voice. "Charlie? It's Harry. Where's Kayla?" He sounded worried and like he had been crying. "She uhh... made herself sick crying... she's throwing up..." Harry's voice cracked and the hurt could be heard in it, then he sighed."Let me talk to her...." She brought the phone to me and I knew who it was. I smiled, and took the phone. "Harry.. hey baby." I cleared my throat. "Baby..." He sighed. "Please stop crying for me.... You have already made yourself sick and it's hurting me more than it's hurting you....." I sighed. "It's hard Harry... I miss you so much already, and I am really anxious...." "I know... I miss you too, but please just try?"  He smiled a little, hearing my voice made him feel better. "Okay... I love you." I smiled. "I love you too."  Then he hung up and I sighed. I felt nauseous again. I was getting tired of this. I went and threw up again in the bathroom and began to get scared. I yelled for Charlie, panicked. "CHARLIE!" She ran to me worried. "What? What's wrong?" I-I'm throwing up again and I haven't even been crying...." She thought for a minute before replying and sighed. "Have you and Harry had sex?" My eyes widened. "What?!" "You heard me Kayla!" I sighed. "Yeah... About two nights ago." Charlie gasped. "Y-You could be pregnant...."


~End of Chapter 11~

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