~Playing the Player~ (Harry Styles story)

Kayla is a normal 17 year old girl with a normal life and her best friend Chairle. Charlie loves One Direction, she can't get enough of them, meanwhile, Kayla isn't so interested in them. Until...... she meets Harry. She chooses to ignore the feelings she first has when she sees him , but how far will Harry go to get to her? It might just change her life, but can she risk falling in love again? Especially with a celebrity? Will Harry keep his reputation of a player or earn Kayla's trust and change for her? Find out in Playing the Player.

Written by: Kayla Costin A.K.A ~Mrs Styles <3~


3. Never underestimate

I sat up, feelling a little better and knew I would after I ate something. The concert was about to start. I didn't want to go but, thought it was the least I could do since Harry had saved my life. Besides, Charlie was going to drag me there if I didn't go. They sang She's Not Afraid and What Makes You Beautiful. Harry was looking at me the whole time,smiling,singing. Charlie looked stunned as they sang, in sort of a daze. She was paying most, if not all, of her attention to Liam, smiling. As soon as they were done they all said "We love you!" in unison. I couldn't help but notice Harry was still diverting all his attention to me, even when he said that. I had to admit, he was beautiful, brown curls and gorgeous green eyes; But he was a celebrity, and I couldn't take a chance with him. He could use me. After all, his reputation WAS that he was a player, as Charlie had kept me updated on. I am really cautious when it comes to love, I learned that the hard way. The concert had ended and Charlie was still in her daze. I shook her. "Hey, are you allive?" She smiled, "I-I don't think so...." I laughed as I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped slightly to see Harry and the boys standing there. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you, love." Harry said with a smile. I looked at Charlie, who was still half-way in her daze. I got her attention. "I'm going home" I told her as I turned and left Charlie with her idols. Liam didn't seem to notice Charlie much. He was already in a relationship with his girlfriend, Danielle. As Charlie had informed me about Liam all the time, he was her favorite. She had told me that Danielle was a dancer on the X-Factor while Liam was auditioning. While in my daze walking down the road to my house, my phone was what pulled me out. It was Charlie. I answered. "Hey Charlie, aren't you supposed to be hanging out with your idols?"  I asked slightly confused. " I still am!" She replied excitedly. "Their tourbus is broken and they are going to be staying here for a while!!!" She sounded so excited, her dreams hasd become a reality and I knew it. I was happy for her, but dreaded it for me. "Kay? You there?" "Yeah, I'm here...." I sighed. "I wish I wasn't though" "Oh come on lighten up! I will see you in a few,okay?" "Okay, bye." I hung up the phone and ran my fingers through my long, brownish-blonde hair. This had to be the worst day of my life. I walked through the door of my house. It was then decided, it could get worse.

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