~Playing the Player~ (Harry Styles story)

Kayla is a normal 17 year old girl with a normal life and her best friend Chairle. Charlie loves One Direction, she can't get enough of them, meanwhile, Kayla isn't so interested in them. Until...... she meets Harry. She chooses to ignore the feelings she first has when she sees him , but how far will Harry go to get to her? It might just change her life, but can she risk falling in love again? Especially with a celebrity? Will Harry keep his reputation of a player or earn Kayla's trust and change for her? Find out in Playing the Player.

Written by: Kayla Costin A.K.A ~Mrs Styles <3~


1. My life

I woke up to the sound of my alarm, 6:55 am. I groaned and grabbed my phone to shut the alarm off, to see my best friend, Charlie, had texted me as she always does in the mornings. I got out of bed and pulled on my Miss-Me jeans and a T-shirt, brushed my hair out straight and put on my Converse. I left for the bus stop, the most hated thing in the morning for me. I got on the bus and put my headphones in to see my player/ jerk ex- boyfriend Brad was trying to get my attention, as always. I ignored him and used the camera on my Iphone to look at myself and see how I looked. I sighed, I was pretty insecure about myself. People often told me that I was beautiful but I didn't believe it. I have brownish-blonde hair, greeen eyes, about 5'3 feet tall and pretty skinny (weigh under 110 pounds) but not beautiful in my perspective. I got off the bus and walked into the school to see Charlie running full speed towards me. "OH MY GOSH KAYLA GUESS WHAT?!" I waited for her to answer chuckling a little. "One Direction is going to preform today!!!" She exlaimed with excitment. "Oh joy....." I said sarcastically, I just didn't understand why everyone was so obssesed with them, they were just 5 boys who could sing. (I had to admit they were cute, but no reason to be obssed over them!) I all of the sudden felt sick and needed to sit down; so I started walking with Charlie over to our normal spot by the auditorium to sit. "Are you feeling okay?" ,Charlie asked me with a worried expression, "You are as white as a ghost!" "I'm fine, just a little dizzy,thats all." Then, the bell rang.~

After first hour I went to my locker and put my American History away, and met Charlie at the gym. I felt horrible, my legs were all shaky and I had the strong urge to throw up but I ignored it and walked through the door to change for P.E. As soon as we were dressed we procceeded in running our ten laps. I was still as pale as a ghost and running WAY slower than usual, I couldn't even keep up with Charlie, she slowed down. "Are you sure you are feeling all right? I'm worried about you ,Kayla." We made another lap that made ten. "Dont worry Charlie, I'll be fine just a little morning sickness, thats all nothing major." The coach yelled for us to walk and we did, I could barely put one foot in front of the other. "If you say so, I guess only you can be the judge of how you are feeling..." She said with a sigh. It was now 3rd hour the bell had just rang. I made it up the stairs, but ran to the nearest bathroom to throw up. Charlie continued on to class. Mr. Boles called roll. "Destiny Cagle?" "Here!" She answered. "Kayla Costin? Is Kayla here?" "She had to use the bathroom, she is here" , Charlie answered for me.~

I walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs towards the nurses office. I started seeing different colors and black dots, My legs collapsed under me as I couldn't hold my self up any longer, and passed out in the middle of the hallway.

~End of chapter one~

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