~Playing the Player~ (Harry Styles story)

Kayla is a normal 17 year old girl with a normal life and her best friend Chairle. Charlie loves One Direction, she can't get enough of them, meanwhile, Kayla isn't so interested in them. Until...... she meets Harry. She chooses to ignore the feelings she first has when she sees him , but how far will Harry go to get to her? It might just change her life, but can she risk falling in love again? Especially with a celebrity? Will Harry keep his reputation of a player or earn Kayla's trust and change for her? Find out in Playing the Player.

Written by: Kayla Costin A.K.A ~Mrs Styles <3~


6. Ladies and Gentleman, the real. Harry Styles.

We arrived at the hospital, I was starting to come to. My room was at the end of the hall towards the waiting room. It could be heard that there was crying and screaming at the other end of the hall. I felt so alone in the empty room. I was scared and wanted someone there. I listened and could hear the sound of Charlie's cries. I also heard someone else, bawling, screaming. I knew it was Harry when I heard the voice of someone trying to calm him down. The voice said "Harry! Shh...... Calm down..... you are overreacting she is going to be fine. You are gonna pass out mate, just breathe...." The sound of Harry's cries became softer but more intense, as I could tell he was struggling to breathe. I felt kind of bad for him. But I was so confused...... Harry had just met me AND he was a celebrity. What would he want with a girl like me? He seemed to love me. I was watching my back with my guard up, I'm not sure I can trust him. Im fragile and I have already made that mistake once. I wanted to see how bad I then back (knowing how many times he has hit me) I grabbed my phone and took a look. I scared myself looking at the reflection. I had blood red marks everywhere on my face from attempted punches that turned into slaps, and one huge purple/black bruise on my right cheek. I put my phone down, and sighed as I laid my head against the pillow. It was then everyone walked in. Harry was the first one through the door with Charlie following. I only wanted Charlie out of everyone, but obviously that wasn't going to happen. Charlie took one look at me and gasped. Then smiled and hugged me carefully. "I'm so glad you are alive! I knew you would make it! You are strong." I weakly smiled at her. "I'm fine Charlie, but please don't be so loud......" She smiled and rubbed my head. "Sorry. I love you, Kayla." "I love you too." Then Harry spoke up, his voice weak and shaky. "umm..... guys? C-Can I talk to Kayla...... a-alone? My eyes got wide as Charlie looked at me, noticing I was worried. She gave me a reassuring nod and left the room with the others. Harry sat beside me, his eyes blood shot and red from crying so hard so much so much, tear stains all over his face. He reached for my hand and I moved it away. He started talking. "Kayla....... I don't know what to say.... ever since from the start...... when I saw you in that hallway...... You were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, being a celebrity, I have seen A LOT of girls...... I-I believe in love at first sight...... I may have just met you Kayla. But, I-I think I love you..... He looked at the ground then back up at me, a worried look on his face. I just sat there, shocked and stared at him, not knowing what to think and confused.~

~End of chapter 6~

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