~Playing the Player~ (Harry Styles story)

Kayla is a normal 17 year old girl with a normal life and her best friend Chairle. Charlie loves One Direction, she can't get enough of them, meanwhile, Kayla isn't so interested in them. Until...... she meets Harry. She chooses to ignore the feelings she first has when she sees him , but how far will Harry go to get to her? It might just change her life, but can she risk falling in love again? Especially with a celebrity? Will Harry keep his reputation of a player or earn Kayla's trust and change for her? Find out in Playing the Player.

Written by: Kayla Costin A.K.A ~Mrs Styles <3~


2. Be aware of your surrondings

Harry's POV: I was walking down the hall from getting something to eat when I saw this breathtakingly beautiful girl, lying on the ground. It looked like she was passed out. I had to help her, so I took her to the nurse and went and got the boys. "Harry, you have been gone for a while, is something wrong?" Louis asked concerned. Niall was eating a poptart. "Maybe he was just really hungry". "No guys, there really is something wrong." Harry replied, a hint of worry in his voice. "I found a girl.....-He was cut off by Liam-

"ANOTHER girl?! Harry come-He was cut off by Harry- "Let me finish! I found a girl.....passed out in the hallway..." "Oh my god Harry what did you do with her?!" Zayn exclaimed. "I took her to the nurse you bloody idiot!" Harry yelled back. Niall droped his poptart in shock. "I wonder whats wrong with her?" "I know I want to go see how she is doing, and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was...." Harry said in sort of a daze. "You actually called a girl beautiful instead of saying something perverted?" Louis said stunned. "Thats a first, you are kinda acting weird, Harry." Liam agreed with Louis. "Oh shut up and come on!" Harry said impatiently as he was already half way out the door.~

I woke up with an extremely painful headache, and five boys standing around me. "W-What happened?" I said weakly. The boys looked in shock, like they had never seen a girl in their life. "You passed out in the hallway, beautiful." Harry said with a smile. Then I realized who they were. One Direction was standing in front of me.~

Charlie's POV: It was lunch now and I was worried SICK about Kayla, so I decided to go to the nurses office. ~End of POV~

The nurse walked to us. "Are you feeling all right?" I nodded. "You should eat breakfast, thats what caused you to pass out." I nodded again. "You sure are lucky Harry found you, he saved your life" Louis said with a smile, and you are beautiful. Harry hit him and glared as if he was saying she's mine. I sat up as Charlie ran to me and hugged me. "OH MY GOD Kayla you scared me!" I chuckled, "I'm fine now Charlie, calm down." Then she realized who was in front of her. Oh god here comes the explosion of my headache.....I thought, but she didn't freak out. Then I realized she had told me that they didn't like it when girls freaked out over them. l felt something when Harry looked at me or talked to me, but I ignored it. I WASN'T going to fall for him, if it was the last thing I did. Little did I know, Harry was way ahead of me.

~End of chapter two~

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