You Broke Me


Abigail Thompson stands out. She cuts and cries. Why? Because the popular teens bully her to no end. They call her horrible names and hurt her. Worst of all, she has no one to go to. Her mom is an alcoholic, and her dad left her. She has one friend, Sarah, but she's afraid Sarah may be drifting away from her. So when Harry Styles, one of the worst bullies, starts to flirt with her, Abigail feels threatened. He bullied her for years. But will she change her heart, and is he actually wanting her?


5. "You What?"'


I stand in shock as the words sink in. ''What?'' I whisper, confused. Harry runs a hand through his hair. ''I-I like you.'' ''But..why?'' He smiles, ''I think you're pretty, you're nice, down-to-earth and smart.'' My eyes widen at the compliments being said by Harry. ''Y-you really think I'm all that?'' He nods and then turns away. ''But, you obviously don't like me back.'' I snap back to reality and nod quickly. ''Yeah, you really hurt me. I don't think I'll ever get past that. I'm sorry.'' I see his smile fade into a frown. ''Right. Um...okay. This is awkward. Bye.'' He turns on his heels and speeds off, down the street. I stand in bewilderment as he disappears from sight. Then, I remember it's midnight and rush inside, quietly closing the door. I lock it and turn, and gasp. ''Hey Abby.'' Lilly says, grinning. ''I saw that. So, are you like, in love?'' ''No.'' ''Then what is it?'' I sigh, ''Well, he likes me, but it doesn't feel right to like him after what he did to me.'' ''But, do you like him? If you do, go for it.'' I think, ''Well I kinda.....'' Then I shake my head. ''No. I-I don't like him. Goodnight.'' I hurry down the hall to my room and close the door. I flop down on my bed and stare at the ceiling. ''Do I like him?'' I ask myself. I ask that over and over again.


''He likes me mom.'' I say to my sober-for-once mom. She sips her coffee, ''Who is he?'' ''He's Harry. He bullied me.'' She gasps. ''That awful boy curls?'' I nod and smile. ''He said I was pretty, nice and some other stuff.'' ''Do you like him?'' ''Yes...No...Maybe. I really don't know.'' She kisses my forehead. "Hope you decide Abby.'' She plants herself down on the couch and I quickly finish my breakfast. I grab my bag, and my jacket. I slip on my shoes and head out the door. I stand on the side of the road like usual, waiting for Sarah. A few minutes pass and I get impatient, ''What's taking so long?'' I ask myself. After half an hour of waiting, I realize, she's not coming. As I'm walking back to the house, I hear a horn. I turn and see an old blue Ford waiting. The window rolls down and Harry sticks his head out. ''Do you need a ride?'' I sigh, ''I wish I didn't. But yes, I do.'' ''Come on. I'll take you.'' He gestures for me to climb in. I reluctantly open the passenger door and slide in. ''Sarah didn't show.'' I tell him. ''Maybe she's sick.'' He nods and starts the car. We sit in silence the entire ride, until I see Sarah. She's getting out of Tori Edwards' truck , with Tori, Jade McAdams and Mandi Kyles. ''That bitch!'' I shout. Harry looks foreword, ''What?'' ''Sarah. She ditched me, for a ride with Tori.'' I tell him through clenched teeth. He sighs, ''At least I showed up.'' ''Yeah, thanks.'' I say, opening the door. I step out and close the door. I turn and march straight to Sarah. ''Sarah!'' I shout. ''Can I talk to you.'' ''Sure. Be right back guys.'' She walk away from the other girls and stops at me. ''What do you want? Make it quick.'' ''Okay, why the hell did you ride with them, and ditch me?'' ''Because they offered.'' I snort, ''Okay, so why didn't you tell me you weren't coming?'' ''Because, I don't have to if I don't want to.'' She turns and struts back to Tori and her friends, leaving me standing there, fuming. I breathe heavily as Harry approaches me. ''What did she say?'' He says, placing a hand one my shoulder. I take a deep breath. ''She's a fricken bitch. All I'm gonna say, is she left me, for them.'' I point to Sarah and her groupies. ''That's rough.'' Harry says. I turn and see actual care in his eyes. ''Y-yeah, it's not fair.'' I say, still gazing into his eyes. ''You deserve a better friend.'' He says quietly, leaning closer. I nod, ''Yeah, I guess I do.'' I move myself closer to him, and close my eyes, as our lips touch.

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