You Broke Me


Abigail Thompson stands out. She cuts and cries. Why? Because the popular teens bully her to no end. They call her horrible names and hurt her. Worst of all, she has no one to go to. Her mom is an alcoholic, and her dad left her. She has one friend, Sarah, but she's afraid Sarah may be drifting away from her. So when Harry Styles, one of the worst bullies, starts to flirt with her, Abigail feels threatened. He bullied her for years. But will she change her heart, and is he actually wanting her?


14. What Happened


Harry storms out of the motel room, slamming the door behind him. The loud noise causing the pounding in my head to worsen. ''Ugh, I can't believe I did that.'' I say, shocked. Harry's mom nods, ''I know, I feel bad.'' My mom sits up and stretches, ''I stayed sober.'' ''Really?'' ''Yeah. I drove you guys here, so you wouldn't wake Harry.'' ''Thanks mom.'' She hugs me, ''I'm still disappointed in you.'' I nod, ''Yeah, I know.'' I wobbly stand up and grab my coat. ''I'm walking back.'' ''Okay, we'll be back soon.'' My mom says, as I leave the motel. I walk to the sidewalk, in the frosty February air. I shiver under my light sweater, and walk faster. The splitting headache only getting worse. I pick up the pace even more, and eventually reach the house. I kick snow off my boots and open the door. I pull of my boots and jacket and walk to the couch. I spot Harry making toast, his back to me. I lay down on the couch and pull a blanket on top of me. I cuddle into the fabric of the cushion, in attempt to stay warm. Suddenly, Harry walks in, toast in hand. He eyes me and sits at the end of the couch. ''Harry.'' I say, but he ignores me and turns on the t.v. ''Harry please. I'm sorry I didn't call. I didn't bring my phone.'' Still no answer. He silently bites his toast and rests his feet on the coffee table, leaning back on the couch. ''Are you mad?'' I ask. "No.'' ''Then what's wrong?'' He doesn't reply and bites his toast again. I sigh and snuggle under the blanket, concealing everything but my head. ''I'm not mad, I'm disappointed.'' I look up and see Harry watching me. ''You shouldn't have done that. It's kinda against the law. Not calling made me worry.'' ''I know.'' ''It was immature. Childish.'' I turn away from his disappointed stare, and close my eyes. ''You understand?'' He asks loudly. I put a hand up, ''Can you be quieter. I have a splitting headache.'' ''I wonder why?'' He says sarcastically. I groan and stand up, ''I'm going to bed.'' He turns his attention back to the t.v. and finishes his toast. I walk to Gemma's room and close the door.



I brush the crumbs off my shirt and swallow my food. I swing my feet to the floor and stand up. I walk to the kitchen and open the fridge. I pull out an apple and the milk carton. I pour a large glass of milk and put the carton back. I grab the glass and walk back to the living room. I resume my old spot and bite into the apple. I see the t.v. playing the morning news and I tune in. I bite my apple and change the channel, as the news is boring. I settle on a film and finish my apple. I put the core on the table and reach for my milk. I down half the glass and put it back on the table. Suddenly, the door opens and my mum walks in with Tracy, ''Sorry hun. About last night.'' She apologizes. I nod and turn away. She puts a hand on my shoulder. ''Don't be upset.'' Then she takes my apple core and throws it out, before walking to her room. I see Tracy already in the kitchen, making food. ''What'cha having?'' I ask. ''Pancakes.'' She calls back. I smile, ''Can I have some?'' ''Sure.'' I patiently wait for her to finish cooking, and soon, she brings me my plate. I thank her and she sits in the chair. ''These are good.'' I say, my mouth full of food. ''Glad you like them.'' I nod and swallow, taking another bite. Then, there's a knock at the door.

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