You Broke Me


Abigail Thompson stands out. She cuts and cries. Why? Because the popular teens bully her to no end. They call her horrible names and hurt her. Worst of all, she has no one to go to. Her mom is an alcoholic, and her dad left her. She has one friend, Sarah, but she's afraid Sarah may be drifting away from her. So when Harry Styles, one of the worst bullies, starts to flirt with her, Abigail feels threatened. He bullied her for years. But will she change her heart, and is he actually wanting her?


2. That Call


I pick up my phone and see a unknown number. I answer anyway. ''H-hello?'' ''Abigail, are you crying?'' I hear Sarah ask, concerned. I sniff, ''Yes. My mom....h-hit me.'' She gasps, ''What why?'' ''She's drunk. Again.'' I heard Sarah sigh on the other end of the line. ''I'm at a payphone.'' She tells me suddenly. ''I was walking home and decided to check with you.'' ''Okay, well, I gotta go. Bye.'' I hang up and look at my bloodstained wrists. I grab a cloth and wipe away the blood on them, and the floor.I toss the towel in the hamper and stand up. I quietly walk to my room and close the door. My phone suddenly rings again. ''Hello?'' I answer. ''Abigail?'' I hear in a familiar voice. ''Is it you?'' I gasp when I realize the voice belongs to Harry. ''What the hell do you want?" I snarl. ''I-I wanted to apologize. For tripping you.'' I roll my eyes, ''So...'' ''So, I was dared. By the other kids.'' I smile, ''So you didn't want to?'' ''Not really. Listen, I gotta go.'' Suddenly, he hangs up. I turn off my phone and stand in amazement, wondering why such a jerk would apologize to me.


"Get up!'' I hear my mom yell from the hall. I open my eyes and rub them. I turn and see the time. 7:00. I stand up with a yawn, and yell, ''I'm getting dressed!'' I grab a long-sleeved shirt and some leggings. I quickly pull them on, grab my bag and rush downstairs. I pass my mom and wave. ''Bye!'' I shout. I pull on my converse and my jacket, before leaving the house. I stand at the side of the road and wait for Sarah to pick me up. She just got her drivers license a few weeks ago. Soon, she arrives. I walk towards the car, and open the door. ''Hey.'' Sarah says, as I get in. ''Hi.'' I reply, closing the door. ''Harry called.'' Her jaw drops. ''What?'' ''He apologized.'' ''He what?'' I sighed, ''He said the other kids dared him.'' ''Really?'' I nod and smile. Then, I frown. ''This doesn't change anything though.'' ''Of course not.'' She starts the engine of the old pickup truck. Then, drives off down the road. When, we arrive at school, I see Harry leaning against the brick wall of the building. I get out of the truck and he waves. I ignore him and continue walking to the doors. Sarah and I split then, because we have different classes. As I'm walking down the packed hallway, I hear heavy footsteps behind me. I turn and see Harry walking towards me. ''What now?'' I ask, annoyed. ''I'm gonna be late.'' He frowns, ''If you're gonna be rude, never mind.'' He turns away and rushes off. I sigh and walk to class.


''Class dismissed.'' Ms.Evans announces, as the bell rings, signalling lunch. I stand up and grab my books, stuffing them into my bag. I swing it over my shoulder and walk out of class. As I walk, Sarah passes. ''See you in math!'' She calls. I nod and continue walking. I push open the cafeteria doors and walk to the front, grabbing a tray. My food is served and I pay. I walk to the corner of the room, and pick the empty table I always sit at. Alone. As I'm chewing my food, Harry sits next to me. ''Hi.'' he says. I nearly choke on my food. I couch, and take a sip of water. ''Hi.'' I mumble. He smiles, ''How are you?'' ''Fine.'' He frowns, ''What's wrong?'' ''Nothing.'' I snap. He raises his hands defensively. ''What did I do?'' I roll my eyes. ''Oh, how about bully me for 5 years!'' He let's out a deep breath. ''Whatever.'' Then, stands up, and walks away.



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