You Broke Me


Abigail Thompson stands out. She cuts and cries. Why? Because the popular teens bully her to no end. They call her horrible names and hurt her. Worst of all, she has no one to go to. Her mom is an alcoholic, and her dad left her. She has one friend, Sarah, but she's afraid Sarah may be drifting away from her. So when Harry Styles, one of the worst bullies, starts to flirt with her, Abigail feels threatened. He bullied her for years. But will she change her heart, and is he actually wanting her?


4. Apology Unaccepted


''Keep walking!'' Tori Edwards snaps as I pass her table at lunch. I continue walking to the back corner. I sit and begin eating. Almost immediately, Harry sits next to me. I turn and see dark rings under his eyes. "You look tired.'' I state. His head shoots up. ''What?'' ''I said, you look tired.'' He sighs, ''I was up until 3:00.'' ''Why?'' ''I felt so guilty. I couldn't sleep.'' I groan, ''You finally feel guilty after all these years?'' ''Yeah, because I didn't know what I was doing to you until last night.'' ''So, what do you want now?'' ''I want to say sorry. Please.'' He stares at me until I shake my head. ''I'm sorry. You can apologize all you want. That doesn't change anything. You still did all those horrible things to me.'' He hangs his head in shame. ''I know. I'm such an ass.'' I put a hand on his shoulder, ''Yes, you are. Listen, I'll accept your apology for tripping me. But that's it.'' He looks up at me, ''Really?'' I nod and stand. ''Bye.'' He waves and I walk out the cafeteria doors.


''What the f*ck are you doing?!" I hear Lilly scream as I walk in the door. ''Shut up!'' My mom screams back. I rush upstairs and find my sister on the ground. I turn and see my mom holding a broken vase. ''What the hell mom!'' I yell. She turns to me and frowns, ''Stay out Abigail!'' My sister inches away, as my mom walks closer, with the broken glass. ''Mom stop!" I screech. She ignores me and continues approaching my sister. ''Get away you crazy bitch!'' Lilly yells rolling to avoid impact with the weapon. ''Mom listen!'' I scream at the top of my lungs. ''Look what your problem is making you do! That's your own daughter for god's sakes!'' She turns and drops the vase, causing it to smash at her feet. I see her anger filled eyes, slowly seem kinder. ''Oh my god.'' She mutters. ''I tried to hurt her.'' She drops to her knees and I see her crying. I kneel next to her. ''Mom, it's okay. We can get you help.'' I see a frightened Lilly frown. ''You're damn right she needs treatment!'' I shush her and continue talking to my mom. ''I come home everyday from school, and you're either passed out, or not home at all.'' I touch my cheek. ''You hit me.'' She looks at me, and touches me cheek. ''I hit you? I-I'm so sorry.'' I hug her. ''We're gonna help you.''


I hear tapping come from my window, and I jolt awake. It's completely dark and I stumble out of bed. I flick on the bedside lamp and squint. I make my way to the window and open it. ''Abby?'' I look down and see Harry, rocks in his hand. ''Can I talk to you?'' I nod and sneak downstairs, creeping out the back door. ''What do you want?'' I ask groggily. He sighs, ''I felt guilty, because of something else. The cutting made me realize what I'd done. I wasn't meaning to hurt you like that. I wanted to apologize, because....because...well, I like you Abigail.''

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