You Broke Me


Abigail Thompson stands out. She cuts and cries. Why? Because the popular teens bully her to no end. They call her horrible names and hurt her. Worst of all, she has no one to go to. Her mom is an alcoholic, and her dad left her. She has one friend, Sarah, but she's afraid Sarah may be drifting away from her. So when Harry Styles, one of the worst bullies, starts to flirt with her, Abigail feels threatened. He bullied her for years. But will she change her heart, and is he actually wanting her?


16. Accidents


''I-I didn't mean to hurt her.'' I watch Abby as her head lays in my lap. ''I'm so sorry.'' I say, my head dropping. I close my eyes and a few tears run down my face. I sniff and look up. I look out the window and see the hospital in the distance. My mum turns a corner and Abby shifts. I hold onto her, careful she doesn't tumble off the seat. I hold her hand as we pull into the parking lot. We come to a stop and my mum steps out quickly, and opens the door. I carefully carry Abby out of the car and rush up the front steps. I kick open the doors and my mum rushes to the front desk. Her and the receptionist murmur a few words. Then, she rushes to me, ''We'll take her now.'' A doctor comes foreword and places Abby on a stretcher and wheels her away. I stand in silence as I watch them leave. I feel my mum's hand on my shoulder, and she pulls me into a hug. ''It's okay Harry.'' I shake my head and push her off. ''No it's not. I hurt her.'' My mum gives me a sad look, ''I know, but if she loves you, she'll forgive you.'' I turn away and frown. ''She won't. She'll be afraid of me.'' ''You don't know that.'' ''YES I do mum!'' My mum frowns, ''I'm sorry, I tried to make you feel better.'' She turns and walks outside, and I watch her climb into her car, and drive away. I curse under my breath and sit. I cover my face with hands. I feel a tap on my shoulder, and I look to see a young girl, about 6 or 7. ''Are you okay?'' She asks, sweetly. I shake my head. ''Then what's wrong?'' ''My girlfriend's hurt.'' ''Oh.'' I smile, ''Why are you here sweetie?'' ''My daddy fell. He's hurt.'' ''Oh, I'm sorry.'' She smiles at me, ''It's okay. He's awake now.'' I nod, ''That's good.'' ''Yeah.'' Suddenly, an older woman walks up. ''Come on Tanya. It's time to see daddy.'' She turns to me, ''Did she bother you?'' I shake my head, ''Not at all.'' The woman smiles and walks away. Tanya turns and waves. I wave back with a smile, before she turns into the hallway. As soon as she's gone, I cover up my face again, and sigh.


''Would you like to see her?'' A doctor asks. I nod and stand, as he leads me down the hallway. He opens, the door and gestures for me to go in. I enter and close the door behind me. ''Abby?'' I say quietly. Her eyes flutter open. I kneel next to her bed and take her hand in mine. ''What happened?'' She asks. ''I'm so sorry. I pushed you.'' She stares blankly, until a frightened look appears on her face. ''What's wrong?'' ''Y-you pushed me. I fell.'' ''I know, I'm sorry.'' I lean in to kiss her forehead, but she shoves me back. "Get away from me.'' She says, shakily. I frown, ''Abby, I-'' ''I said, get away.'' ''But-'' "Please!'' The door opens and the doctor walks in, ''What's wrong?'' Abby points at me. ''G-get him out. I don't want him near me!'' The doctor puts a hand on my back. ''I'm sorry sir, you'll have to leave.'' ''But...Abby please!'' The doctor pushes me towards the door. ''I'm sorry!'' I say, before the door is closed, leaving me standing in the hallway. ''I blew it.'' I mutter. ''3 days, and I blew it.'' Tears stream down my face as I walk out the doors, into the frosty air. I realize I'm wearing a t-shirt and my pajama bottoms. I glance in the window and see my messy reflection staring back at me. My hair is a mess and my eyes are red. I turn away and walk down the street, until a reach a bus stop.


I open the door and hear muffled sobs coming from the living room. I walk in and see Tracy crying on the couch, my mum attempting to comfort her, ''He hurt her.'' Tracy sobs. My mum looks up at me, disappoint on her face. ''How'd it go?'' ''She doesn't want to see me.'' Tracy glares up. ''You're damn right. Why the f*ck would she want to see you?'' I glare back at her and turn back to my mum. ''It's ridiculous.'' She frowns, ''No, it's not. You pushed her Harry. She has every right to be scared of you.'' My head drops to stare at my shoes, and I close my eyes. ''I can't take this.'' I mumble. ''Everyone's on her side. Even my own f*cking mum.'' ''Watch your language!'' She shouts. I ignore her and storm upstairs. I grab a suitcase and stuff my clothes in it. I grab my wallet and stick it in my pocket. I zip up the suitcase and drag it downstairs. ''Where are you going?'' My mum asks. ''I'm leaving.'' ''No you're not!'' ''I'm 18 mum. I can do what I want.'' I watch as she stares at me in shock. ''F-fine. Go. Just get out.'' I nod and grab my keys, opening the door, walking out, and closing it behind me.


''Thanks Nick.'' I say to my friend, who has just allowed me to stay with him. He smiles, ''No problem. You can stay as long as you need.'' I nod and toss my bag onto the guest bed, in his flat. He exits, closing the door behind him. I open the bag and pull out my clothes, putting them in various drawers. I finish and close up the empty suitcase, and stick it in the closet. I sigh and sit on the bed, unsure of what to do next. I glance beside me and see a balcony. Cool. I stand up and make my way towards it. I pull open the glass door and step outside. I look down and see, we're up quite high. I look across and see a lot of the town. I smile at the beauty of the view. The small buildings, and large buildings scattered around. I see small small shops and cafes here and there. I spot a Starbucks and a couple old-timey buildings. I switch my vision to Nick standing next to me. ''Nice view isn't it?'' He says, looking at the town before us. I nod, ''Yeah.'' He sighs, ''Want some lunch?'' ''No thanks, I've eaten a lot today.'' I say, patting my stomach. He nods, ''Okay, well, I'll be out for a little. I wave as he walks away. I enter back into my bedroom and close the door. I grab my jacket and pull it on. I walk down to the front door and exit the flat. I stroll the town and reach the Starbucks I had my eyes on, up on the balcony. I push open the door and walk to the counter. I order my drink and wait. ''Harry Styles.'' The barista calls out. I walk to the counter and pay, taking my drink. I sit down in a chair and sip. Suddenly, a familiar face sits across from me. ''Hey Harry.'' I look up and see Natalie. ''I heard what happened with Abby. Your mum told me.'' I sigh, ''I think we're done.'' ''That's too bad. Listen, if you need to talk to a friend, talk to me.'' I nod and wave as she stands and exits. I finish my drink and toss out the cup. I walk out the door and catch up to Natalie. ''Hey.'' I say, reaching her side. ''Hi.'' She says cheerily. I smile and watch as she puts away her phone, she had been texting on. ''What's up?'' ''I was wondering if you wanted to come over and we could talk?'' ''Sure, I'd love that.'' I lead through the crowded streets and back to Nick's flat.

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