Hanna Wench

Hanna's Back story!!!

Blood Lust new chapters premiering March 21st 2013


1. Hanna's back story

Hanna was the vampire Harry met in that old tree house type thing.
Hanna and Harry hit it off from the day they met, Harry and here slept together but they're relationship was still strong when Harry got in that fight with Ellie and Louis he texted Hanna.
She met him and they're emotions took over.
After they say down at the side of the pond and Harry had asked about her coven who had all been murder leaving Hanna alone forever.
Hanna never understood their deaths she came home after going hunting and they were all staked. Hanna had been alone for some time when she ran into Harry changing her life.
I bet everyone thought she was gone forever, but she's coming back.

She looks different though. She was in disguise mode the whole time she was with Harry. Her fake black hair turned into its natural blond hair. Her fake blue eyes turned into dazzling emerald green eyes. Yes if your wondering Hanna is a Cameelo Cameelos are vampires that are like chameleons. They can camouflage when ever.
How will Hanna come back? What will she do?
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