Crawling Back to You

Lauren loved Harry before the fame, before the publicity, before the money, and before One Direction. Leaving her just before the X-Factor to grieve over her broken heart. Now he wants her back. Lauren may not be ready to open her heart to him again.


2. Life As We Know It

At first, life without Harry was horrible. I wouldn't sleep, eat, drink, and I spent my days alone, locking myself in my room. I honestly didn't think I could live without him, and thought about suicide multiple amounts of time. That was until I met my best friend Amelia, or as she likes to be called, Amy. She noticed me alone at school. Without Harry, all my friends had abandoned me, and I was left to fend for myself. Amy was one of those very rare people who loved anyone, she didn't have a bad bone in her body. When everyone else was hating me, she was there to pick me up off the ground, and we've been close ever since.

Amy and myself were walking around the mall, she was spotting out cute boys, while I was busy picking out a dress for the next school dance.

"Oh! I love his hair, and that guys eyes, and that one guy has a good sense of style, and-" She pauses for a second. "Why is that guy wearing a skirt?" My gaze falls upon a person wearing a mini skirt and a tube top. This person's hair was cut extremely short, with it spiked up at the front.

"That's a girl with really short hair." I whisper to Amy.

"Oh, oops." Her eyes go wide and she blushes slightly with embarrassement.

"Hey! Look at those cute guys! There's three for me, and two for you!" She smiles and gives the five guys a flirty wave.

"Why do I only get two!?" I whine and pretend to be hurt.

"Because! You're not as flirty as I am, in fact, your the exact opposite of me, but that's what makes us so perfect for each other!" She motions for the boys to come over.

"Hello love, I'm Louis, these are Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry." One of the boys motioned to each of them.

"Harry Styles...?" My voice gets weak as my eyes fill with tears.

The curly haired boy studied me, then his eyes brightened up. "Lauren!?" He wraps me up in a hug and every muscle in my body stiffens.

"I've missed you so much!" He mutters into my neck.

"Harry, we broke up almost a year ago." My voice is shaky. "I have to go, I'll call you later Amy." I shake myself out of Harry's grip and run out the door. I can hear Harry calling after me, but I ignore him, and don't look back.

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