Crawling Back to You

Lauren loved Harry before the fame, before the publicity, before the money, and before One Direction. Leaving her just before the X-Factor to grieve over her broken heart. Now he wants her back. Lauren may not be ready to open her heart to him again.


4. First Comes Love

Harry started coming over daily, and if I wasn't home, he'd call me, if I didn't answer, he'd call Amy and see where I was. He wanted me back that badly. You'd think I'd be honoured, having a celebrity want you that badly, but honestly, he's starting to scare me. He isn't the same Harry Styles I fell in love with a year ago. This Harry wouldn't let me out of his sight, and if he caught another guy staring at me, he'd send them a death glare that would send them cowaring away. I miss the Harry that would just sit with me under a tree for hours in silence, not an awkward silence, one of those nice, sweet ones that I just loved to remember.

"Hey Lauren! Didn't miss me too much did you?" Harry ran over to the park bench we were sitting on with two ice creams and gave me a cheeky wink.

"Harry, I said friends." I sigh.

"Friends can't flirt with each other?"

"Not any of my friends."

"But Lauren, I love you, why can't you just see that?" Tears filled Harry's eyes as he distracted himself with his ice cream cone.

"Hazza, look at me." I start to feel kind of guilty. He was the boy I've known since I

was a little girl, he was the one who helped me up when I was down. I couldn't make him go through all this again, he didn't deserve that.

"I'm not your Hazza when we're friends Lauren." He starts to stare at the ground.

"What if I said I loved you? Then can you be my Hazza again?"

"Maybe." Harry shrugs.

"Harry Styles, I love you." His head shoots up at my voice, his eyes shining and wraps me in his arms, abandoning his ice cream.

"I love you too Laurie." He laughs and gives me a big wet kiss on the cheek.

"Ew! Harry!" I wipe the saliva off my face and grimice. "That was gross!"

"Totally worth it." He chuckles.

"Before you are aloud to kiss me on the lips though, we need to have a first date."

"A second one!?" He whines.

"Yes, a second first date, I'll see you tomorrow at 5 in the afternoon. See you then." I quickly kiss his cheek and leave him on the bench, looking adorably lovestruck and dumbfounded.

I know I probably shouldn't have given in so easily, but I've known him for the majority of my life, and everyone deserves a second chance. I just hope this chance is worth it.


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