Crawling Back to You

Lauren loved Harry before the fame, before the publicity, before the money, and before One Direction. Leaving her just before the X-Factor to grieve over her broken heart. Now he wants her back. Lauren may not be ready to open her heart to him again.


3. All Comes Crumbling Down.

That night I broke. I wouldn't answer my phone no matter how many times Amy had called me. I missed him, and I obviously still loved him, but I just wouldn't be able to take it if he broke my heart again.

The phone rang once more and I finally answered it. "Amy what do you want?"

"It's Harry. Lauren I am so sorry for leaving you, but look at me now! I'm famous, aren't you proud?" The deep voice said on the other side of the phone.

"Of course I'm proud Hazza! I just couldn't live happily without you here with me!" I hysterically break into tears again.

"You haven't called me that in so long..." Harry sighs. "Let me come over."

"I'm not mom is home and all."

"I'll climb through the window like I used to, be there in ten." The loud beeping noise came over the phone, signaling that he had hung up.

He was knocking on my window, at the exact time he said he would. Not exactly wanting to, I opened the window and let him climb in, feeling the cold night air on my face.

"Lauren, I truely am sorry." Harry sits on my bed with a sad look written all over his face.

"Harry, I just don't want to be hurt like that again."

"Please!  Just one more chance, I'll be a better boyfriend, the one you always wanted. Cross my heart and hope to die!" Harry made a pouty face, which when we we were still dating, I gave in every time.

"I have one condition."

"What? I'll do anything!" Harry jumped up eagerly.

"We have to start off as friend's just like the first time."

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