They met by accident. Emily wasn't supposed to go to work that day. He wasn't supposed to go on the show. That wasn't Emily's job, but her made sure that it was. He was the one who asked her out. He was the one who kissed her. He was the one who fell for her.

It it all by accident.


2. The Interview

I immediately blushed at his words. He was adorable. I just wanted to reach in, grab his neck and...wait, what was I saying? He was a superstar, why would he like me? I quickly composed myself.


"I'm sure you say that to a lot of girls," I snapped. I rolled my eyes. 


He smirked, "Actually, I don't. You've impressed me already, may I ask of your name?" 


"Emily. I should be checking on the rest of the boys, excuse me," I replied, motioning towards the door.


"Be my guest, Em," he moved out of the way.


"It's Emily," I snapped. I opened the door and stepped in. Harry was behind me. The four boys were sitting down, playing on their phones. I coughed, to get their attention.


I started to say something, but Harry cut me off, "Lads, this is Emily. She's our assistant for the day."


The boys looked up at me. I could feel my cheeks getting warm. They were adorable! I waved slightly.


"Nice to meet you Emily. I'm Liam," Liam got up and walked over to me, giving me a quick hug. 


"I'm Zayn," Zayn said, nodding his head. 


"Niall, nice to meet you," Niall walked over and hugged me. I curled my fingers into his shirt, embracing him. I quickly pulled away and looked at the last boy.


"AND I AM LOUIS THE TOMMO TOMLINSON!" he screamed, running over and picking me up. I laughed as he twirled me around. 


"Nice to meet you all. Now, I am required to ask you guys if you need anything, want anything?" I told them. Harry joined them on the couch. 


"Well, we do need something," Louis said. 


"You see, we kind of-." Harry got cut off my the loud speaker.


 "Attention everyone! The show is starting in two minutes, will all cast and crew be backstage please?" the speaker blared.


"I guess we have to go," I told them. "Come on, boys."


"You guys are so slow! Move people, move!" Louis yelled playfully. I chuckled. 


"Louis! Stop yelling!" Liam countered. 


I opened the door and the boys walked out, me trailing behind. 


We began walking, when I felt a warm pair of hands on my shoulders. "Guess who?" a deep voice said. I immediately recognized the voice to be Harry's. 


"Is it Harry?" I asked. I turned to find him staring at me. 


"Yes, it is! Hey, Em, how old are you?" Harry asked as we continued walking.


"18, why? You want to know if I'm old enough to date?" I teased. 


"Actually, I have a girlfriend."


My cheeks reddened with embarrassment. "Oh," I replied sheepishly. 


"Nah, I'm just kidding. Single as a pringle," he joked. 


The rest of the boys were further ahead. "Wow, but seriously. Come on, we have to get to the stage!" I laughed, pulling him along so we were next to Louis. 


"When are we going to be there?!" Louis whined. 


"We are never going to get there if you don't stop whining!" I teased. 


"Yes, mother. Hey, Liam! I found our mommy directioner!" Louis yelled after Liam. 


We reached backstage and the boys just stood there awkwardly. 


"So, do we just wait here?" Niall asked. "I'm hungry."


"You always are, mate," Zayn told him.


"Em, please tell me you're going to have some food to give him, or he'll be whining all day," Harry said.


"Actually, all the celebrities that come on the show take part in the cooking segment. Guess who's flying in all the way from New Jersey to bake?" I said excitedly.


"Who?" Niall replied happily. 


"Yeah, who is it?" Liam insisted.


"Guess," I said.


"That's no fair, give us some hints," Harry replied.


The baker that was coming today was Buddy from the show, 'Cake Boss.' I absolutely love that show! "Okay, well, he's a baker from New Jersey."


"We haven't been to jersey in a year, give us another hint!" Louis yelled.


"Louis! No yelling! Or you will get a time out!" Liam said, seriously. 


"Mommy! He yelled at me!" Louis ran over and hugged me. I rubbed his shoulder awkwardly before pushing him off.


"He's on TV, and he owns a bakery in Hoboken!" I tell them.


"No way! Buddy is going to be on the show!" Niall said. He was practically drooling.


"Who's buddy?" Zayn asked. He rubbed his hand under his chin. 


"PLEASE WELCOME..ONE DIRECTION!" Carrie's voice rang over the entire studio. 


"Go out there!" I shoo them out.


They all wave at me and walk out. The walk and sit on a long pink couch beside Carrie's desk.


"Welcome, boys! Now I must say, you guys are way cuter in person!" Carrie laughed.


All the boys blushed. "Thanks, you are too," Harry winked at Carrie. I rolled my eyes, of course.


"Now, what's it like being here? You excited?" Carrie asked.


"Very, we've seen your show for years, and always wanted to be on it," Niall answered. The boys nodded.


"Have you met anyone here you like?" 


"Actually, we have. We all like your assistant, Emily, quite a lot." Harry answered. My mouth fell open at his response. WHAT? 


"Well, bring her out, then! Emily come out!" Carrie's voice boomed. 


I blushed, and made my way onto the stage, preparing for the worst.

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