They met by accident. Emily wasn't supposed to go to work that day. He wasn't supposed to go on the show. That wasn't Emily's job, but her made sure that it was. He was the one who asked her out. He was the one who kissed her. He was the one who fell for her.

It it all by accident.


4. Harry?

I ran towards my car, ignoring everyone calling after me. Did I seriously just get fired because I refused to answer a simple question? Wow. 


Once I reached my car, I opened the door, only to have a strong hand pull me back. I turn around to see Harry. 


"H-Harry," I stutter, "What are you doing? What happened to your interview?"


He looked at me worried. "You ran. I wanted to check on you. And the boys and I feel somewhat guilty. Hang out with us for the day, please? Let us make it up to you?" 


I looked at my feet. Five minutes ago, I didn't like Harry that much. But now...he seems like he cares about me, I guess I could give him a chance. AS A FRIEND. "Alright, I'll go with you guys. Where are the boys?"


He smiled, "Oh, they're talking to Carrie. We quit the interview because we didn't like Carrie. At all. Here, we can go to my place and have the boys meet us there." 


I scrunched up my eyebrows. "You're driving."


Harry chuckled, "Of course. Hey, can I have your phone?" 


I slipped my iPhone out of my pocket and looked him up and down. "Why?" 


Harry rolls his eyes. "I'm going to put my number into it. Now hand it over." I reluctantly handed my phone to him, tapping my foot against the pavement. He smiled as he entered in the numbers. "Here you go," he handed the phone back to be. I scrolled through my contacts and found that he put his contact name as Sexy Hazza.


"Really Harry? Sexy Hazza? That's such a lie!" I laughed, making fun of him. He shot me a look and said, "Oh really?"


"Yes really!" 


Harry ran up to me and brought his fingers to my belly and began to tickle me. I laugh, no, I cackled. "H-Harry! S-stop!" I yelled in between breaths. "I have to go pee!" I lied. He stopped and stared at me strangely. 


"Liar," he muttered. "Let's go." We walked and got in our sides of the car. "Tell me about your family," he said.


I froze. 




Author's Note!- LONG TIME NO UPDATE. Oh my goodness I am so sorry. So I was scrolling on my iPod through movellas and I happened to look at my profile and I was like 'HOLY CRAP I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN MONTHS' Needless to say I'll update every few days. I PROMISE. At LEAST once a week. Next chapter WILL be longer, I promise. I just wanted to let yall know I'm not dead.

-Katey xx

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