Healing to broken hearts

Victoria and Alice are the worlds closest cousins who make YouTube covers and such online. When they decide they want to go to UNI in the UK, they're dreams are instantly accomplished! Victoria in Cambridge and Alice Oxford. Victoria and Alice have dreams forget about the guys who broke their hearts in highschoo revealing a dark pastl. Will Jack and Finn help them forget when they meet in a cafe? read to find out


2. The Plane Ride

Alice's P.O.V

I boarded the plane and tried to get to my seat when this really cute blonde guy came in my way. " Hey" he said. He had a nerdy voice witch made things awkward. " I didn't know pretty girls should be flying coach" he said and winked. Victoria was obviously dying in her seat. She had the stupidest laugh in the world. It sounded like a little girl crying. "aha wow" I said, " You say this to all the other girls?". I noticed the way he was scanning me from head to toe. Ew. He looked up, then down, then up, then down, paused and shook his head and looked up again. I knew what he was doing. "No I don't, because your the prettiest one I've ever seen. You have it all." he said. I stepped towards me as if he thought something was going to happen and then I pushed him out of my way. Pathetic. He thinks he's top shit. Shouldn't he find another blond? Victoria looked at him and gave the " As if" look when he came closer to me. Aha this girl :'). I walked to my seat and looked right at Victoria who was staring at me as if i did something wrong or gross. "What?" I said. " That's it? Your just gonna leave? Your not gonna kick him or punch him?" she said with a rather ugly face." YA. I don't want to start shit in the middle of the plane. There are people." She didn't answer. She just shoved her headphones in her ears and closed her eyes listening to whatever the hell was in her ears. Ugh. I thought to myself. After 2 seconds I did the same. I drifted off to sleep to some nice Ed Sheeren. I love him. He speaks to me.  


I write a new chapter every single day. If dont I'll make it up :) biii and enjoy!

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