Healing to broken hearts

Victoria and Alice are the worlds closest cousins who make YouTube covers and such online. When they decide they want to go to UNI in the UK, they're dreams are instantly accomplished! Victoria in Cambridge and Alice Oxford. Victoria and Alice have dreams forget about the guys who broke their hearts in highschoo revealing a dark pastl. Will Jack and Finn help them forget when they meet in a cafe? read to find out


5. Finn's and Alice's morning


Finn's P.O.V   Sunday morning. I hated it. It was the worst day to wake up because Saturday was when the parties were. I got out of bed and went to Jack's room to see if he was awake. I saw he wasn't in his bed I and ran downstairs. He was sitting on the couch on twitter looking at all the dumbass girls tweet things like "oh @jacksgap i love your show! You are so cute!" Oh god. "Hey mate!" I said breaking the silence. "Hey I was thinking maybe we could to Verandah's for breakfast?" He said. I thought about it for a second. I was so tired.  "You paying?" He raised my eyebrow.  "Ok fine" he sighed.  " LET'S GO!!" I shouted and grabbed my coat.    Alice's P.O.V   We walked to the cafe that was right across the street. The Verandah. It was so pretty with flowers and red curtains that were opened. It said " Verandah" in gold stitching. When we walked inside it was even more stunning. I was all in red velvet and every single writing was in gold. I loved it. Tori stood looking at it too. She made the "Not bad" look. We walked and got straight to ordering. We each got a coffee and a muffin. I left to find a spot outside. She was to bring the food. Which she hated but i don't care. I left her and picked up a table when she walked outside struggling with the stuff. The muffin were HUGE. I giggled and went to help her. She didn't want to let go of the food so we were laughing and trying to divide it when some other chuckling jackass bumped into us spilling all of the coffee on each of us. My jacket was ruined and so was Tori's out-fit. I was just about to go bitch mode on them when turned around "HEY!-" And I saw who was staring at me with big green eyes.    Thanks for reading:
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