Healing to broken hearts

Victoria and Alice are the worlds closest cousins who make YouTube covers and such online. When they decide they want to go to UNI in the UK, they're dreams are instantly accomplished! Victoria in Cambridge and Alice Oxford. Victoria and Alice have dreams forget about the guys who broke their hearts in highschoo revealing a dark pastl. Will Jack and Finn help them forget when they meet in a cafe? read to find out


3. Fashion choices and the big bad wake up call.

Victoria's P.O.V

AHA! Some guy tried hitting on Alice! DEAD* Anyway I am so happy we got of the god-forsaking plane. I hate planes. I watched so many movies on planes and I am fucking scared. It was chilly in London and I felt like I was high. Tired and dizzy. Like how I always feel when I get off the plane. But we are here! We got off and I called a cab. He came and we went to our flat that we got. It was so beautiful. It had white couches and glass doors. And the bathroom was amazing. The living room had a flat-screen TV already up. I had it done before we got there. We were going to live her after-all. No-way are we going back to Canada.  We decided to rest since it was late and we needed sleep. We were here for a whole year before heading to UNI. 

Morning time

Victoria's P.O.V

Morning again! I woke up in a bed that I wasn't familiar to me. I looked around the room and realized I was in my dream place with the one person in the world that makes me happy. Alice. She was sleeping and he looked hilarious. I took a picture but I wasn't going to post it anywhere. No I would save it. She was in a weird position but she looked so peaceful. Mouth and eyes closed and softly breathing. Not yelling like a maniac. Like she usually would. I tip-toed out of bed and put on an outfit for the day. I decided we should have breakfast outside. Like at a cafe or something. Do they have Timmy's? I wonder. So I quickly put on my pink and black separate, and I tied my long curly hair in a high ponytail. Then I wore cute black flats because I am really tall. Not like Alice who's like a tiny little elf. She's so cute sometimes. I looked amazing of coarse because of my cute outfit. I walk up to Alice while she is sleeping and smack her right across the back and scream " MORNING BITCH! GET UP!!" and walk out before she yells at me. I hear her screams across the hall and rush down-stairs to grab my coat. She comes down the stairs in her night clothes all grumpy. " What the fuck was that about??" she half yells. " We are getting something from the cafe down the street. Get dressed!" I say wide-eyed.

Alice's P.O.V

This bitch woke me up in the worst way possible. What the hell? God she is so much to handle. I don't mind though. I was so pissed I was going to kill her but she was taking me out so nah. She wears such girly clothes. Her clothes are always so neatly ironed and shit. God help her become sloppy. I had to wear something nice other-wise I looked so much worse then her. Some cute guy is gonna come and I'll be standing there like a dog. Aha nah i don't care. I throw on sweatpants a t-shirt and i varsity jacket. My favorite grey one. Me and Victoria are like two different girls. She's the girly section and I'm the don't care section. One thing we have in common though is our love for music and arts. We both act. But she sings and designs clothes and I dance and draw.  I walk to down the stairs and she roles her eyes. She always does when I don't dress nicely. So all the time. 

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