I'm not Perfect

Comparison between a popular girl and regular girl. I'm not Perfect.


2. Author's Note

Hey all my readers!

My friend Lilli (4evaNiallHoran) read this story and she suggested that I get some feedback and then make it into a new chapter, so I have made an email account just for this :)

So email me at keepcalmmovellas@hotmail.com and tell me a bit about how you feel about this topic, and I will make it into a new chapter. Don't worry, your feedback will be completely anonymous unless you ask me otherwise.

If you have any movellas, please tell people about this story because the more people who give me feedback, the better a chapter it will be.

I feel like this is a big situation that hangs around people's heads, girls especially. I know, I have felt it before and so have a few people that I know and I know that there are many people that I don't know of who feel like this too. I just want people to see this and know that they don't need to change themselves for anything or anyone.

So yeah, just tell people about I'm Not Perfect, and about my idea for the new chapter, and I really hope I get some good feedback and I get a little bit of insight to what others think about this topic.


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