They Don't Know About Us

this story is about niall and zayn secretly dating someone. and they finally tell the world about who they are dating


1. yes maybe







J: pick up pick up pick up. A: heyy Jamie wat do u want? J: ugh where did u go last nite. A: well i went home with Zayn. J: Y did u go home with him i went home with some random dude. i think his name is niall A: well not my fault tht me and zayn luv each other. wait did anything happen. J: well no but he is asleep shirtless and i'm in one of his shirts. A: good i was about to say...... J: yeeh ik u know wat i am. and this dude i soooooooooooo hott. A: ok so ill talk to you later. J: ok see ya later at the mall. A: kk 



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