They Don't Know About Us

this story is about niall and zayn secretly dating someone. and they finally tell the world about who they are dating


2. meeting 4 real

this time its gunna hve more people and yes it is when they are in a band.

A= Angel






1D= One Direction


you hung up the phone and went down stairs to see that niall guy. he was sitting and eating 2 sand whitches. i sat by him. J: so wat happened last nite. N: well... 1D: heyyyyyyyyy he wisphered N: ill tell u later. angel walks in. A: go get ready Jamie. she handed me the clothes she brought for me i was heading up the stairs when i heard. H: so niall how did u manage her to get her and is she taken? N: i met her at the pub last nite and no she is not. my face went down with sadness but continued up the stairs.  *about 15 mins later* i went downstairs to see angel and Zayn snogging. i yelled J: EWW GET A ROOM!!!! Z: we do hve a room a living room. J: well im sure niall doesnt want you snogging o his couch! A: *whispers* i dint know you went home with niall. J: ikr anyway we better get going.



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