They Don't Know About Us

this story is about niall and zayn secretly dating someone. and they finally tell the world about who they are dating


3. fun

so this one basiclly talks about me being at the mall with angel and 1D so here goes chapter 3



A= Angel







1D= One Direction


louis drove us to the mall. i sat by niall and harry. liam sat in the front with louis. angel sat in the back with zayn they were talking or something. J: ugh harry ur curls are tickling my face! H: lol i know. N: dude just move ur hair or scoot over or ur cats get it! H: ok ok ill move just don't touch the cats! J: thanks we finally arrived to the mall. i went with angel to the shoes. liam and louis and harry went somewhere. Niall was dragging zayn with him to the food court. a: so jamie are you and niall gunna go out? J: idk maybe? A: u should i can tell zayn u like niall. J: no dont do that. A: i wont but i have to go find zayn we need to go find him so hats or shoes or mirrors idk i think its a mirror. J: kk bi. N: heyy jamie. J: hey ni. N: so wanna go looking for some snapbacks? J: yeeh. we went to the snapbacks and were looking and found one that said just do it. 



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