Adopted By One Direction

hi my name is Ella i am 17 years old and i live in a orphanage with my sisters Elizabeth and Mary. Elizabeth is 7 years old and Mary is 12. one more year and i can move away with them without having to worry about them getting hurt.You see about 7 years ago when my mom was pregnate with Elizabeth my mom had to go to the hospital because she thought Elizabeth was coming and when she came back she found out our dad Jerry had been hurting us my mom died protecting me and mary and thats how we ended up here.When unexpected guests come.......... Read To Find Out What Happens


1. Whats going on?!?

Marys POV

I heard Elizabeth crying in the middle of the night and she doesnt really do that anymore so i got up to see what was happening but Ella was all ready in there.

Whats wrong i asked

'oh just a bad dream go back  to bed' I heard Ella say

ok i said and with that i went backk to bed


 =============================THE NEXT MORNING==============================================

Louis POV

Guys wake up i said because i was the first on up as usual


oh my god we go through this every day guys just get your lazy butts ouut of bed! We are leaving for the adoption center in 25 mins!

And remeber girl paul one the bet he aid he wanted some girls to go on tour bus

Why niall sai

i really dont know i said

something about pubblisity i think 20 mins went faster then i thought it would and the next thing i knew we where off to the adoption center

Elizabths POV

All girls the age 2 through 17 come to the main assembley room we have special geusts i want you to meet i heard over the loud speaker in my room i  shared with marry i would sleep with ella but she was 17 and if your 15 or older you get your own room. i ran to ellas room which was only down the hall and she held marrys hand and carried me down to the main assembly room

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