Adopted By One Direction

hi my name is Ella i am 17 years old and i live in a orphanage with my sisters Elizabeth and Mary. Elizabeth is 7 years old and Mary is 12. one more year and i can move away with them without having to worry about them getting hurt.You see about 7 years ago when my mom was pregnate with Elizabeth my mom had to go to the hospital because she thought Elizabeth was coming and when she came back she found out our dad Jerry had been hurting us my mom died protecting me and mary and thats how we ended up here.When unexpected guests come.......... Read To Find Out What Happens


2. Adopted

Liams POV

we fially got to the adopt a child center in london ages and there where a bunch of girls ages 2 through 17 some of the girls where really cute i was thinking about the girl the first row brown hair until a maybe 17 year old with a 6 or 7 year old and a 12 year old who looked quite scared. Of corse i would be scared to if i thought me and my family where going to be split up and when they walked into the room they other girls started calling them names exept a girl who was maybe also 6 or 7 who ran up to the other and gave her a big bear hug kinda how louis does to everyone he meets.

Zayns POV

I dont know about the rest of the guys but i cant wait i need to know who they want to adopt the girl that just walked in with the 3 other little girls but all i know is Liam is staring right at them.

i walked up to everyone and tryed to convinse them to adopt the 4 but i didnt even need to they all said yes before i even asked and before i knew it i lookoed around and i couldnt find them anymore i just heard a gun shot a screaming and crying. All the boys and i ran to see who it was and i saw them all 3 of the little girls screaming and crying around the girl laying infront of the 3 little girls it looked as if she was protecting them  i had Harry call the hospital and the cops and in the background i heard a girl say she diserved to die. i got so mad nobody diserves to die protecting kids so i walked uo to her and said "NOBODY EVER DESERVES TO DIE DO YOU UNDERSTAAND' she must have been i get whatever i want girls becasue she she just stood theere like you cant talk to me like that but i can.

Elizabeths POV


Ella just got shot by a man in dark suit protecting us kinda of like the stories i heard about mom protecting her when i was born. No time to think about this i needed help but nobody listened Al of a sudden i saw 5 boys running towrd us i knew how they are ive seen them before there ONE DIRECTION!!!! then they called 911

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