Important Visitor

Something about changes in perception.


1. Important Visitor


Balancing on the insecure foundations I built

I am frightened by the power that you hold

Over me; the power that I let you take

And consequences of secrets I left untold

Because in my final testament, I swore to close

All the open doors that could lead to my demise

I decided to close my lips in the same way

And if someone asked, I would force myself to lie


Fixing myself to the soft carpet beneath my feet

Because I couldn’t stand staring at ceilings

As I fell past walls reinforced with denial

I thought there was strength in ignoring feelings

Shards of glass from windows you break scratch the floorboards

The wind I shut out rolls in, calling me outside

To taste the fresh air that I tried to forget

The walls fall away, my safe house opens wide


How could you take something so strong, built up from

Years of avoidance, and shatter it with only words?


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