the girl that coped

this story was written by me when i was about 11 and i was feeling a little upset at the time and thought that my life was awful. i then wrote a diary of someone who has had a more difficult life then me and when i feel upset i always think of my story. i hope you like it as it is an emotional story about a poor little girl who has alot of tragedy in her life.


2. my new family



Dear diary,

Luckily I wasn’t put into jail but I am not going to be staying in the hotel anymore I am going to somebody else’s home and they are going to be my new parents. I gave them my money because they know how to spend it properly. After that they gave me a chocolate bar which tasted so nice, I also had a bath and it felt warm, the people scrubbed my hair with soap and handed me the soap to wash my body with. They dried me off and sent me downstairs where there was three smiling kids and I got scared since I was bullied literally for my whole life but they greeted me and told me to sit down, I did and they went to the kitchen to bring out a cake and candles which were lit with fire I hid under the table but they told me what I had to do while they sang a song: happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Marie happy birthday to you! I was so happy especially as I was called Marie instead of the accident! Well they sent me to bed and I finally didn’t have to sleep on the floor it was a comfy bed, well, night then!

Dear diary,


It’s a Monday, school day, I explained to the people with exactly these words “I haven’t been to school for 4years and listen to my explanation please people because I was bullied by the teachers and the pupils.” Unfortunately the people replied with this “we understand but you must go to school and please call us mum and dad” I didn’t want to go to school so much and I back-chatted “I am not going to school and that is final!” they made me go to school with these persuasive words “if you go to school with our kids, Will, Mary and Juliana, then we will award you with a star” stars are what you get on the chart we have here and if you get 5stars in 1week then you get to go to see the animals in our neighbours farm. Will, Mary and Juliana took me to school and when I got there Juliana and will (the eldest ones) instantly went off with their friends but Mary who is the same age as me took me to her friends and my day was amazing, I made new friends the teachers were really nice and no – one was rude to me. I got back home to see I had 2stars 1 was for going to bed on time and the other one for going to school, Mary has 1 for helping bake the cake Will has 2 for baking the cake and helping with the decorations and Juliana has 2 for (again) baking the cake and for not being grumpy in the morning because apparently she is always grumpy in the morning. I felt sorry for Mary so I told mum and dad that she helped me at school and she got her second star. We had a pasta bake for dinner which was lovely and then we all went to Wills room for a story which was really heart-warming. 

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