the girl that coped

this story was written by me when i was about 11 and i was feeling a little upset at the time and thought that my life was awful. i then wrote a diary of someone who has had a more difficult life then me and when i feel upset i always think of my story. i hope you like it as it is an emotional story about a poor little girl who has alot of tragedy in her life.


1. coping through the first stage


Dear diary,

My life could not get worse! I mean my life has been bad ever since I was born…

I was only an innocent baby when my mum got left in a coma after giving birth to me, my name is Marie and I am half Australian and half English, at home I am not called Marie I am called ‘the accident’, that’s because my mum died after being in the coma.  My dad said it was my fault so when people say ‘hello what is your name?’ I reply as ‘hi I am Marie, the accident’ people laugh but they don’t know what happened.

 After my mum dying I got this evil step mum called Lillian and she always hits me and she says that I am fat so I can’t eat dinner. I weighed myself when she said that, I was 6 and I weighed under 1.5stones and I saw the average weight I should weigh but it said over 3stones  I was trying to eat more food but if I did I would be beaten and locked in my room. When I was 7 and I went to school nobody was my friend, I was bullied and threatened but it wasn’t only the pupils the teachers too, this shows I had no – one.

When I turned 8 I figured out that when my dad let me out to go to school I would stay somewhere else for the day and go back later. When I first did it I thought that the teachers would phone home to see why I wasn’t there but they didn’t notice for 2years they never noticed I even existed. I was 10 and my dad died of ‘old age’ but I think Lillian killed him, I came home to see the ambulance leave with my dad inside it. Even though he was a rubbish dad he is still my father, but the thing is I was stuck with Lillian but not for long, she left me with these exact words ‘you are an accident and your mother is lucky to be dead!’ I cried because I was told that my mum was put to sleep and never woke up. I bet if my mum wasn’t ‘put to sleep’ she would have looked after me but I can never know.

I am 11 now with no money, very little food, no friends and no parents/guardians. People take parents for granted and school, also people eat and eat and eat, I have never tried sweets/chocolate before where as some people eat them all the time, I have never played video games and I have never seen a computer or  television, some people play 24/7. People bunk off school, yes I did to because I was bullied by everyone even the teachers I bet most others don’t have that problem.

Finally I have an idea, I could sell the house, it isn’t much but I know where a hotel is for £200 per year I can sell the house for £20,000 that will be enough for the years I live, food, drink and clothes! I know it sounds weird but it may just work. I am going to bed now since I have been up all night writing in my diary and thinking of ideas. Good night.

Dear diary,

It is my birthday today and my present is … again nothing because there is no-one to give me one, oh well I am going to sell the house today and move in to the hotel down the road. I will be back soon.

6hours later…

Hi again, I have sold the house! Yes and guess how much I got for it! £189,316 that is so much money and I can’t wait until I can spend it, I will buy some clothes that fit me, the hotel rent, food and drink and the rest for anything else I need. There is not much to pack and luckily I found an old but pretty flowery suitcase (it was my mums) I will put my teddy and my brush – I use for my teeth and hair, even though I brush my hair it is always greasy. Oh well, let’s go shopping. We are now at a place could asda and there is loads of food so all I need is some water and a packed lunch … ooh look some crisps, a sandwich and a yogurt. That is for my lunch, some toast for dinner, but there is only bread? I asked a lady and she said I have to put it in a toaster to make it so she showed me how to do it and she kindly bought me a toaster but I bought the bread and then I asked her if she could help me with what I need so I can survive and she helped me with all the stuff and told how to use it. It came to a big bill but she said I have food to last me a week, and other things to last longer as well. She asked me to go to her house so I went and she asked me where I was living, who I live with, who my parents are, who I am, do I have siblings and things like that I answered them all truthfully and she called a person called a ‘policeman’ and I was getting scared because my father said they put people in jail and jail is a bad place. I am not allowed to write anymore but I will later. 

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