the girl that coped

this story was written by me when i was about 11 and i was feeling a little upset at the time and thought that my life was awful. i then wrote a diary of someone who has had a more difficult life then me and when i feel upset i always think of my story. i hope you like it as it is an emotional story about a poor little girl who has alot of tragedy in her life.


5. an idea


Wow, what a day,

Sorry I couldn’t write this morning because I was busy doing these: firstly I baked some cakes and sold them for 50p each (cupcakes) and then in the end I had a total of £18 in one day and I will bake them again and again and again until I have enough money to buy a tractor for the farm we now have. I know what you are probably thinking ‘how is a tractor going to fit in our garden, well we live on top of a hill and then our garden is at the bottom of the hill which is really big, it is about the same size as Richmond park and I am not kidding! Any way when I was selling my cakes I saw a tractor for sell and I asked “how much is the tractor?” and the reply I got was “£50 for the tractor and £20 for petrol to last you a year.” But when the person said this he sounded grumpy but I asked “could you save the tractor and the petrol for me, only for 1week at the most please? He surprisingly said yes so now I am over the moon with delight! Well I need to make lots more cupcakes and by the way nobody knows about this, but after dinner (and my cupcake baking) I am going to tell Mary.

Dear diary,                                                                               

Guess how much I made from cupcakes today! £22 so now I have £40 but I think I am going to crack open my emergency piggy bank.

 I just counted it I had £10 in there so I need £20 more then I can get the surprise for my family. Sorry today is only a short diary entry but there is not much to say about today so I am going to eat dinner and bake some more cupcakes! Bye!

Dear diary,

I have enough money now so I will buy it tomorrow but I am going to tell my family today!

 This is what happened:

 I said “hello everybody I have an announcement to make” then mum interrupted and said “so do I” but because I was in a good mood I let her go first and she said “everyone, you’re going to have a little brother!” everyone was excited but I wasn’t. Still I said my announcement “I am going to buy a tractor for our farm!” then they were doubly excited and mum asked how so I explained. I am so scared, if my mum has a baby she might end up in a coma just like my real mum, I must tell her why she can’t have this baby but not while everyone is in a happy mood. 

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