the girl that coped

this story was written by me when i was about 11 and i was feeling a little upset at the time and thought that my life was awful. i then wrote a diary of someone who has had a more difficult life then me and when i feel upset i always think of my story. i hope you like it as it is an emotional story about a poor little girl who has alot of tragedy in her life.


6. an addition to the family and the end



 I bought the tractor and told mum why I don’t want her to have a baby.

Me: please don’t have a baby!

 Mum: why, tell me the reason, come on baby don’t be shy.

Me: my mum had me and was left in a coma and died but I don’t want to lose you as well!

 Mum: your mum hadn’t had a baby before you but because I have been through labour before it probably will not happen.

Me: please be careful then.

Mum: I promise honey.

She kisses me on the forehead and the leaves. That’s how it went! Well at least everyone else is happy. I think I might leave home if mum 2 dies.


You didn’t want to see what I saw!

Mum was in pain and screaming while the doctors say push, push I had to leave for the loo. Anyway I have 2 brothers, one sister a mum and dad. Finally I feel like my life is getting much better now.

Juliana and Will have to leave today because they are getting new homes and new jobs ,my new brother is only 2days old but he is with a child minder for the day, my dad got an offer in Africa for a better price for a job he loves: farming. It is just me and mum so she is taking me shopping and she says I can have whatever I want.

 Well, that was successful; I bought some new shoes, some new clothes, sunglasses and a tiara! The tiara is plastic but still it is every girls dream to have a tiara and be a princess when we bought all the stuff we went to what mum says is called a ‘posh café’ called Starbucks and I ordered a Panini and a hot chocolate with cream and 2 marshmallows which was delicious! Mum ordered a coffee and a Panini but mine had cheese and tomato and hers had pesto and pasta, we shared a bite and I liked hers better but I ate mine anyway. Well we have to go and get my new baby brother and I get to decide his name: George, that’s is what I want to call him well see you later! George is so cute he said my name almost: mawee is how George said it and he said mama as well! 

I am really upset because my mum was lifting George to bed and I said ‘my turn, my turn’ only as a joke and my mum hurt her back really badly so now I am in the hospital with George waiting for mum. George is just playing with the toys they have here but I am writing, really worrying …

 finally my mum has come back and she is fine but she can’t carry either of us so I take George home. I apologise to mum and offer to help her cook and she said I can do it myself if I want and I was delighted to. I am making a pasta bake for all three of us but while I made it I thought that maybe it will it be too hot for George so I think what I saw mum do last time, oh yeah! She cooks it and puts some of it in a bowl and puts it on the windowsill while putting the other part of the meal back in the oven with a low heat just so it doesn’t go cold but George’s does.

 My gosh that was amazing even if I do say so myself and then I asked if me and George can go to the neighbours farm mum said yes as long as we are carful.

 George can crawl and he is only 3 and a half days old! I let him hold my finger while we walked slowly through the path looking at all the fruits and vegetables. I love my baby brother and I will always be here for whenever he needs me and, of course, my dear mother.  

Dear diary,

This is the last time I am writing in my diary because I am going to pass it to George since I am far to old now to be writing in a diary also I will be going (since I am now 16) for my first interview for a bakery good bye

I will miss you

 love Marie x


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