the girl that coped

this story was written by me when i was about 11 and i was feeling a little upset at the time and thought that my life was awful. i then wrote a diary of someone who has had a more difficult life then me and when i feel upset i always think of my story. i hope you like it as it is an emotional story about a poor little girl who has alot of tragedy in her life.


4. a favor



Today I am off to do that favour Mary wanted me to do.

3 and half hours later… 

Ok I will tell you what I did; she told me to sell all her clothes and sell all her old teddy bears and then buy the following:

3 chickens

2 pigs

1 goat

3 big packs of different animal foods

Loads of fruit and vegetables

Lastly 1 pack of wheat seeds

I bought all of those with a little money spare which I put in my piggy bank for emergencies only. I told Will and Juliana the plan and they said I needed some fences so I went back to buy some more things: a couple of fences and some barriers then Juliana and Will (as part of this plan) took mum and dad out for 4hours so I could set up the plan for them. When they got back they went in the garden to sit down and found a big surprise, my plan. I had built a small farm in our garden and they were in awe but I didn’t know whether they were happy or not so I said “do you like it?” this was there answer “oh my goodness, this is amazing! Who did this, it’s so thoughtful, now we can save money and you guys have some more jobs to do instead of lounge around the house all day! Thank you…Wait, who did it?” I replied with this “Mary told me to sell her clothes and teddies to buy all this and then when Juliana and Will took you out I built all this as a request from Mary, so technically it was all four of us!” they started crying so I comforted them and told them that we should make a sign saying Marys garden and they said that is a sweet idea and we actually did my idea! Any way it has been a long day as you can tell.

Hello again,

It’s the morning and I can smell bacon and eggs when we normally have toast, oh yeah, we have a farm. Mum/dad must have sheered a pig already and we are lucky that the chickens have laid eggs so early! Anyway we are going back to school today and as Mary said I will ‘look after’ her friends.

 Oh wow school was great, today since it is our last day of year 7 we had a half day and guess what lessons we did: free games for lesson one, early break, watched a movie, assembly and then home time! And because it was our last day there was a pile of homemade cupcakes neatly piled on top of one another for us and it had 3 little notes saying our names on, I read mine: Marie, you have 4stars at the moment and because you have been doing so well at your new school you now have 5stars, your mother and father (us) are so proud of you especially with your life being very tragic. Also, you have been coping with Mary and nicely doing that farm for us, you are a sweet little girl and we love you so much. We are lucky to have found you love mum and dad x x x. we had 2cupcakes before dinner and another one after but there were a couple spare so I had an idea of what I will be doing tomorrow. Good night diary! 

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