Omg one diretion my lover

Dear diary today I woke up with a boy next to me it want harry it was Niall his bested friend I could tell Niall because of hi blue eyes




                                                   Rachels  P.O.V.



  One satarday morning I woke up and went in the shower because I was going to see m friend monica today we were going  shopping to buy some stuff  so after I  went in the shower got changed into clothesand  I had some breakfast I had weetbix  and set of into my car to meet my friend monica. When I got into the car I blasted my ONE DIRECTION cd because i dont know why anyway I was picking up my friend so I had to beacuse she bought the  one direction cd s for me for my birthday .  Anyway it was my  birthday today I am 19  so yeah.


                                Monicas P.O.V


    So yeah rachel thinks were going shopping but we are not all her friends are here and one direction because that was here favourite boy band and she loved Niall she said its because of his irish accent she loved irish accents because she have irish and half welsh so I have got them here tonight  for her suprise party that she does not know about becaus she thinks we are going shopping . Anyway she must b on her way over here to pick me up overwise she will be late and every one will leave her friends , Me , Phoebe , Ross, Joey ,Chandler . So hope she hurrys up.



                                    Rachel P.O.V



            So I am nearlly at monicas I might go in for a cup of tea and go shopping after .


                     xxxxx Autors Note xxxxx 


                    sorry about the short chapter . love you all . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




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