What About Now?

So Liz is normal. Well as normal as you can be when your dating Harry Styles from One Direction that is. She is always getting hate from the Directioners. And it doesn't nesicarily help that she is pregnant. Now Liz thinks Harry is cheating on her with her best friend. So does her relationship with Harry work out or does she have to be a mother on her own?


1. Harry and Liz

Harry,"Happy five year anerversary Lizzy!!!'

"Awe Harry you remembered!" Liz said as she felt Harry's hands move away from her eyes, she blinked. When her eyes adjusted to the darkness she relised that they were in a park there were laterns in all the trees and it was deserted except for them. Liz turned to Harry and said, " Do you remember when you asked me out?" He smiled softly and leaned in closer whispering, " How could I forget?" *Flashback* It was eighth grade, just a random day in Feburary. Harry wasn't even apart of One Direction yet. He had had a crush on a girl in the same grade for a year now and he finally got up the nerve to ask her out. He walked up to her at the end of the day, she was talking to her group of friends. Harry had tapped her on the shoulder and taken her over to the side of the school where it was complety deserted and he had nervously asked, " Liz? Will you go out with me?" she had smiled and said sure. *Flashback Ends* Harry looked deeply into Liz's hazel eyes. She said almost regretting it because he had actually done something nice, she would have to break the news to him sometime, why not now? Liz took a deep breathe and sasid, "Harry? Umm Harry, I'm err *sigh* pregnant." He looked startled. Then he started to smile. She was a little annoyed. Then she got mad, "HARRY HOW CAN YOU BE SMILING? I'M PR-" Before she could say anything else he leaned over and kissed her. "Egnant" Liz finished the word calmly. Harry just smiled again and said, "Now I suppose would be a good time to ask you something." Liz was courious now she asked, "What would that be?" In the same playful voice that Harry had used. Harry bent down on one knee taking her hand in his, he pulled a ring out of his pocket and said," Elizabeth May Jane, will you marry me?" Liz started to cry but she managed to nod yes. He put the ring on her finger and stood up to kiss her. They stood in the park, kissing, for over a hour. Finally Harry said, 'Lizzy, Lizzy I thimk we should go home." Liz only could manage to nod her head once. Harry picked her up and carried her to his Lamburgine. (Ahh the irony)

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