Falling For Him

Him and his gang Kidnapped me. I should hate him but i think Im falling for him...
My names ANGEL and this is my Story ♥


1. "Why is my life such Hell??"


Walking home from school. Today had been such a terrible day. Bullied yet again. As i walked down the side walk, it felt as if someone was watching me. Walking a little bit faster, i kept on checking behind me but every time i turned around there would be no one there. Just me being paranoid like usual.
Putting one headphone in , i decided to leave the other out and take the shortcut home. 
The shortcut was through John's backyard and it lead straight to my backyard.

Walking through the gap in the fence, i could already see the bitch stood near the window. Drinking as always.

Slowly walking across the grass, i opened the back door, hoping to sneak in. No such luck.

"Angel hunny is that you?" The monster i call mother said. She may seem nice but she's not.
"Yeah its me Mom." I replied shutting the door
"Well what you doing home this early for?" She asked, setting her glass of wine down on the side.
"Practice was cancelled Mom" i said chucking my bag on the table.
See she thinks i got to Dance classes. She doesn't know anything about my life.
"Oh Okay hunny." 

I walked up to my room. Grabbed my laptop and sat on the Chair near the Window.I watched as the snow fell on the ground.It was so Beautiful, i loved the snow.

I was listening to As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber when someone came barging through my door.
"What the hell?!" i shouted
"You've to get downstairs." It was Peter my  Brother.
"Okay jeez keep my door on its hinges will you Dickhead." I said getting out on my chair.
"Bitch" Peter said walking back out my room.

I walked downstairs to see my Mom sat on the sofa, a bottle on wine on the coffee table.
"What did you won't?" i muttered, standing in front of her, hands on my hips.

"Don't you use that tone with me Angel Brown." She said getting up and slapping me. Holding my right cheek, i looked at my mom shocked. Yes she had hit me before but not that hard. Taking my eyes off my mom, i looked to the left where my brother stood. Laughing to himself. Removing my hand from my face i ran to the front door. Swinging it open i ran outside. Slamming the door behind me. 

Even tho it was snowing and i had no coat on i just kept on running.  I kept on running until i got to the park. The park where my dad had took me for the last time before he died. Letting the tears fall, i sat on the swing and cried. I didn't care that is was cold, or that it was snowing. I just let it all out.
"Why is my life such Hell??" i said out loud to myself. 
Why me?
Why can't i be normal?

After 20 minutes of crying i had decided to walk the 15 minutes back  home.
I got that feeling that i was being watched again. "Stop being so paranoid" I told myself.



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