Falling For Him

Him and his gang Kidnapped me. I should hate him but i think Im falling for him...
My names ANGEL and this is my Story ♥


5. "Well then i hate you."

Angel     I was trying to get some sleep, on this Old Crappy mattress, when the door opened. I jumped a little from the sudden noise.
A figure appeared at the bottom of the stairs. His stare cold.
It was a guy i haven't seen yet so i was assuming it was Boss....
Slowly i stood up. I didn't want him to think i was afraid.
"So you must  be Boss?" I asked while finally standing up fully.
He came closer to me . I could smell the beer. Shit he was drunk. Maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to try and stand up to him. Not right now anyways.
"yeah that's me". he replied smirking and walking closer to me.
"Well then i hate you." I said backing away slightly. Guess my brain had other ideas tonight. 
"Oh you do, do you?" He asked, his smirk growing. 
As he got closer he pulled me roughly by my arm and slapped me. He hit me so hard i fell to the floor. Hitting my head on the wall behind me.
I heard someone come running downstairs. Suddenly Carter appeared at the bottom of the stairs and gave me a concerned look.
"That will teach you. You don't mess with me. Got it?" Boss asked while kneeling in front of me.
"I will do what the heck i want." My confidence a little hi to say he had just slapped me.

He Smacked me across the face again and then walked away. I brought my legs up to my chest and just sat there. 
"What the heck Boss? What did you do?" Carter shouted. I could hear him shouting but i was blocking what he was saying out. 

I sat in the corner too scared to move. 
"Are you Okay?" Carter asked as he sat down beside me.
"Not really." I replied looking at him.
"Im sorry. Here let me see." He said moving closer to me. He went to touch me but i jumped away from him. 
"It's okay , i won't hurt you." he reasurred me. 
I nodded and watched as he moved closer. Putting his hand on the back of my head. I flinched when he touched it. I felt some what safe around him. Suddenly i felt lightheaded



I was checking where she had hit her head. It was bleeding slightly. I got up off the mattress and headed for the stairs. "I will be right back." i said.
"No please don't leave!" Angel shouted.
"I promise i will be right back" I replied watching her  closely
She just nodded so i  ran upstairs to get the first aid kit.
I walked past Boss who was passed out on the sofa. How could do that to her. She was already so scared. I could tell.
I went to the kitchen, Grabbed the first aid kit and then ran back down the stairs.
Angel was Laid on that Dirty old Mattress that Boss put down there. I swear he treats the whores he brings home better than what he's treated Angel since he found out about her. 
"Hey" I said but got no answer.
I walked closer and saw that she was asleep. She looked cute when she was asleep.
I sat down next to her. I stroked my thumb over her cheek.
She was Beautiful. "Hey wake up" I said, still stroking her cheek.
She stirred and then woke up.
"Hi" She said sleepily 
"Hey im just gonna clean the wound and then put a bandage on it okay?" I asked her grabbing an antiseptic wipe.
She nodded and sat up. I cleaned the wound and she flinched a few times. I put the bandage on and then started to clean everything away.
"Im tired" Angel said as she started to fall back.   I caught her before she hit her head.
"Okay go to sleep." I said and laid her head on my lap
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