Falling For Him

Him and his gang Kidnapped me. I should hate him but i think Im falling for him...
My names ANGEL and this is my Story ♥


2. "Hey Angel."


I was walking for about 5 minutes when suddenly i felt something wet cover my mouth and nose.
I started to feel dizzy and then a couple of seconds later everything went completely black...

I woke up on a Hard, Cold floor.I sat up the best i could and rubbed my head. It was pretty hard as i had rope wrapped around my Wrists and Ankles.
Looking around slowly i came to the conclusions that i was in a Basement or Something like that.

All of a sudden a door flew open then shut, i heard footsteps and seconds later a tall figure appeared in front on me. It was dark so I couldn't see them properly.

"W- Where am I-I?". I stuttered
"Shut up bitch." The tall figure replied. Gaining my confidence I replied "Don't you dare call me a Bitch"
"I just did , didn't i? What you gonna do about it." He said stepping closer and closer.
"Well Ain't you a sexy girl, Boss will have fun with you." He said while Kneeling down in front of me.
"Who the fuck is Boss?" I asked.
He didn't answer me so i asked again.
"Who the fuck is Boss god Danm it?!! I shouted.
He still didn't say anything , instead he slapped me. He slapped me so hard my head hit the back of the wall behind me.
I held my cheek with my tied hands. My cheek stung. It felt like it was on fire. It killed.
When he was just about to hit me again the door flew open once again.
Another guy appeared in front of me.

"Storm , Tia said she wants you." The the guy that had just appeared said.
"Tell her i said i will be there in a minute". He replied
"She said she wants to see you right away. Now fuck off."
The first guy who i now knew as Storm walked back upstairs and shut the door after him.
"Hey im Carter, Im so sorry about Storm." That guy that I had told storm to fuck off said.
" I- Im" I stuttered, u able to finish. I was too scared.
"Its OK i won't hurt you and nether will Storm." He said while untying the rope around my ankles. Leaving my hands tied.
"I- Im A- Angel." I stuttered once again.
"Hey Angel." He said softly while smiling at me. He was kind of Cute. Oh shut up Angel I told myself.
"W- Why am i H- Here?" I managed to ask
"I will let Boss explain that. I got to go. Stay Strong Gorgeous" he replied while getting up off the floor.
With that he left me down here.
I started to feel tired , so i slowly and cautiously got up, walked over to the leg and laid down on the only thing that was in this room..
An old Mattress.
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