Falling For Him

Him and his gang Kidnapped me. I should hate him but i think Im falling for him...
My names ANGEL and this is my Story ♥


3. "Chill Bro."

*Angel's P.O.V*

I was woke up by  someone shaking me.   I slowly opened my eyes being slightly blinded by the bright light.
When i opened my eyes fully , i saw a figure sat on the floor next to me. Jumping back a  little but  startled i hit my head on the wall behind me.
"Ouch" I cried out. Pain shooting through my head and neck.
"Are you ok?" The same guy from last night said with a worried look on his face
What was his name?? i thought to myself. 
Carl? No that's not it 
Carlos?? Nope not that.
Carter? Carter that was it.
"Do i look fine?" I said a little bit mean. Well hey. I was sat in a basement  tied up, cold and hungry.  What do you expect? Huh? 
"No" He replied
"Well why ask then?" I asked him  "Where the hell am i anyways?" I continued.
"At our hideout." He stood up and walked over towards the stairs, walking back over towards me with a plate of. 
"What do you mean hideout?" I asked moving further to the left.   He handed me a plate of food. I was Starving so i took it. Eating what was on the plate. Pancakes.
I heard the door suddenly open. Whimpering away from the plate and away from Carter. I sat in the place they had left me last night.
Just then three other figures came walking down the stairs. 
When they got closer, i saw that one was the guy that had hit me last night. I tried to move back more. Scared of him. Only to hit the wall.
"Carter what the hell are you doing down here??" He said stepping closer.
"I brought her some food down Storm , Got a problem?" Carter replied.
"No, i don't but Boss will." Storm said, anger growing inside him.
"Who the heck is Boss?!" I shouted, getting everyone's attention.
The other boy that i hadn't seen yet spoke.
"Boss is the Leader and you're his now." He replied, crossing his arms over his chest.
"Lucas leave her alone. She's scared as it is." Carter said
"She will be more scared when boss gets here." He smirked. 
He started to walk towards me and Carter. Carter stood up, standing in front of me.
"Don't you dare touch her Lucas." Carter hissed.
"Chill Bro." Lucas said, walking backwards. Away from where i was sat.
With that The two guys and the girl walked away and back up the stairs.
"Don't worry Beautiful , I wont let them hurt you." Carter said kneeling in front of me. I was shaking by now.  I was so scared. All i wanted to do was go back home. Even if my mom did hit me and my brother did hate me.I just wanted to go home. 

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