Falling For Him

Him and his gang Kidnapped me. I should hate him but i think Im falling for him...
My names ANGEL and this is my Story ♥


4. "Boss not tonight"

*Carter's P.O.V*


I had followed everyone back upstairs , when i  heard the front door open and bang shut. 
I automatically knew that it was boss...

"Hey Boss" I said as he came into view. 
"Shut it little person" Boss said. He sounded drunk. Wouldn't be the first time tho. 
"You been drinking again?" I asked, sitting down on the sofa. 
"And whats it to you Carter?" He questioned me. 

As i was about to answer,Lucas walked in. With a giant smirk on his face. Oh hell no. He was gonna tell him about Angel. 
"Hey Boss. Got a present for you." Lucas said, the smirk never leaving his face.
I gave him the don't you dare look. He seriously couldn't be doing this. Not when he is drunk. 
By now Storm and Tia had came in to the room.
"Oh yeah and whats that?" Boss asked walking over to the window.
"A new girl." Storm.
"Oh really." Boss said turning to face all of us.
"Yeah Boss and she is a Sexy one too." 
Tia hit Storm in the Arm. and walked away.She was Pissed off. Haha
"Dexter brought her for you Boss." Lucas said, the smirk still planted on his face. 
Boss started to walk towards the kitchen where the door for the basement was located. I shoot off the sofa. I wasn't about to let them scare her even more than what she was already.
"Boss not tonight tho. Storm and Luke already scared her." I said blocking the entrance to the door.Boss still proceeded towards the door. 
"Boss not tonight." I stated. Standing my ground and not moving out of the way.
"Don't worry yourself Carter , Im just gonna go and see what shes like." Boss said, a smirk forming on his face.
Boss pushed me out of the way and went down to the basement.

I could hear the Angel and she had a little bit of an attitude. That wasn't good, specially towards Boss.
"So you must  be Boss." Angel said. 
"yeah that's me." Boss replied. 
"Well then i hate you." Angel said through gritted teeth.
"Oh you do now?" Boss asked.
That's when i heard a loud bang.
I ran down the rest of the stairs to see the Angel in the corner holding her head as it was bleeding.
"That will teach you. You don't mess with me. Got it?" He stated. Towering over her.
"I will do what the heck i want." 
Boss Smacked her again and then walked past me and upstairs. Poor Angel. 

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