Sleepless Nights (a One Direction Fanfic!)

Casey Webber is the soon to be Mrs. Styles! She loves Harry with all her heart and he loves her just the same! But when Paparazzi, fans, and some unlikely enemies start trouble will their love prevail? Or will they crack under the pressure? Will Casey ever walk down the isle? Will they ever say 'I Do'? Will they grow old and grey together like they planned? Will the many 'I Love You's' turn into "I Loved him/her'? Read on to find out!

This is my first fanfic so go easy in me! LLN! Oh and I suck at writing summaries for anything let alone stories that i haven't finished yet. when I write i just go with the flow and see where it takes me so its rather difficult to summarize what isn't there!


1. *Sleepless and Rumors*


 Vas Happenin’ fellow fans! This is my first fanfic so be nice! However constructive criticism is recommended! I hope you enjoy! There will be some drama but not too much! That has always annoyed me when reading a fanfic, when there is nothing but drama! The point of view is mostly Sarah! But if there is another P.O.V. it will say in the author’s note or next to the chapter number! I changed the main characters name to Casey, I apologize in advance for Sarah’s, and they should say Casey!  This story takes place in 2017! Enjoy my beautiful potatoes!


****CHAPTER 1**** (Casey)

I AM SO EXCITED! I can’t even contain it! Tomorrow the boys are coming home from their American tour. I’ve missed them all so much. They’re all like my big brothers with me only being 23 and them being 24 and 25! Well everyone accept Harry of course. I haven’t seen them in about two and a half months, and since the wedding is in about a month I can’t contain my excitement any longer!

Getting ready for bed I already know I won’t be able to fall asleep! I’m wearing Harrys Ramones T-shirt, again. He insisted that I take it to sleep with so that I’d always be able to sleep with him here every night. Although I had all the shirts that he didn’t bring with him, he still insisted because it was my favorite one of his! He was the sweetest fiancé ever! Well who am I to refuse his request!

I lay in bed for a few hours, staring at the ceiling! I look at the world clock on my phone. It’s about 7:00 in Buffalo, New York so he’s still on stage. Aw Poo! I decide to check Facebook, Twitter, and Sugerscape. Catch up on what crazy stuff the boys (meaning Lou) have gotten themselves into.

I went on Facebook first but there wasn’t any shocker just your average poke wars, birthday requests, and how everyone’s life just sucks so much! (really people tell someone who actually cares) and don’t forget those awful game requests that everyone despises getting! You’re 40some years old stop playing Farmville! I signed out and went on twitter, looking at all the nice ones wishing Harry and I well, but simply ignoring the hate. But there wasn’t much the fans were rather supportive of our relationship! I retweeted those counting down the days until the wedding, I really loved these directioners! It was currently 32 days until the wedding! It was around midnight when I had just opened Sugerscape. I had just finished typing ‘one’ into the search bar when I received a text from Harry. I quickly opened it. I’ve been dying to talk to him ALL DAY! Once I read the text I sighed. The text read.

‘Whatever is in the tabloids about that slut getting with me isn’t true! - Haz XX’

            I backspaced and typed ‘Harry Styles’ into the search box instead. As soon as it loaded, I opened the most recent story. It was posted a little over an hour ago. The article read.

‘Harry Styles Cheating on Fiancé With a Mystery American Girl!’

The engaged heartthrob, Harry Styles was seen yesterday getting a little too close to a fan yesterday. Our photographers were there to snap the picture of the two getting rather close! The two shared a flashy kiss. The only problem is the star is engaged to be married to Casey Webber (pictured right). Several eye witnesses say the two were all over each other as the band was exciting their first concert at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York!  Is the wedding going to happen, will harry leave Casey for the mystery blonde? Keep checking Sugerscape for all the juicy details!

            I immediately called Harry. He answered after the second ring.



‘Did you hear the rumors?’

‘Yeah, but don’t worry, babe, I believe you! It’s obvious you’re not into it, and I know you would NEVER cheat on me!’

‘You do!? OH THANK GOD CASEY! I thought I’d for sure lose you this time! Stupid paparazzi! Always butting into my life! I mean they of course snapped the picture the second the freak kissed me, before I could push her off!’ he said blowing off steam.

I giggled ‘don’t worry babe you’re not gonna get rid of me if you tried! We’ve been through too much already!”

‘Well good!’ he said extremely serious!

‘So are you finished packing yet?’ I asked

‘Yeah,’ he replied ‘finally it took me about an hour and a half after the concert!’

My brain and body were starting to relax because I was finally able to talk to Harry! My eyelids were starting to get heavy and I let out a big yawn! We’ve already been talking for about an hour.

‘Well that’s good! Just a few more hours until you leave for the airport and come home!!’ I said releasing another yawn but this one was rather loud!

‘Oh I’m so sorry babe! I forgot it’s like midnight there! Go to sleep I’ll talk to you tomorrow!’

‘Actually its 1:30! But who’s keeping track! I’ve been waiting to talk to you ALL DAY! You’re probably right though!’

‘Goodnight, love, sweet dreams. See you tomorrow!’

I smile ‘I expect you in my arms at 11:00 a.m. SHARP mister! Or no kisses!’ I said in a fake stern voice.

‘Ma'am, yes, Ma'am!’ He replied like a good little boy!

‘Oh Wait Casey !’ he said quickly before I ended the call.


‘AWW, I LOVE YOU TOO BABE! Now can I go to sleep?’

‘Why of course m'lady!’ he said in a posh accent that he could never successfully pull off!

I laughed ‘okay this is just getting weird I’m going to sleep now!’

‘BYE!!!!!!’ he screamed into the phone that was thankfully away from my ear!

I rolled my eyes and put my laptop on the bedside table along with my phone and reading glasses. I curled myself into a ball thankful it was my last night sleeping alone! I fell into a deep sleep, without a care in the world!

Well I hope you guys liked it! Comment and please become a fan!

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