Sleepless Nights (a One Direction Fanfic!)

Casey Webber is the soon to be Mrs. Styles! She loves Harry with all her heart and he loves her just the same! But when Paparazzi, fans, and some unlikely enemies start trouble will their love prevail? Or will they crack under the pressure? Will Casey ever walk down the isle? Will they ever say 'I Do'? Will they grow old and grey together like they planned? Will the many 'I Love You's' turn into "I Loved him/her'? Read on to find out!

This is my first fanfic so go easy in me! LLN! Oh and I suck at writing summaries for anything let alone stories that i haven't finished yet. when I write i just go with the flow and see where it takes me so its rather difficult to summarize what isn't there!


5. *Dumb Fights and Ravioli!*


Chapter 5! *Dumb Fights and Ravioli!*


(Casey's POV)


We had been just arrived back at our flat and the whole drive I had been dreading having to tell Harry what had happened at breakfast. I had just hoped that he had forgotten and that his jetlag would slow down his brain and he wouldn’t ask about it. But I knew that was wrong of me and he deserved to know. He was my fiancé after all and we needed to be honest and trustworthy with each other. He was with me, he never gave into temptation, even though it was constantly in his face with all of his fans throwing themselves at him.

I felt Harry grab my hand and I smiled up at him. I had finally decided that I would wait until dinner to tell him, so he could relax a little bit, and I could think of a way to tell him without him killing the sleaze ball. Harry is super protective of me, sometimes too much but I wouldn't have it any other way! I remember when Harry got jealous because he saw me hug Aaron, my best friend, granted he didn’t know he was gay, but that’s beside the point.


Aaron has been huge in my life, we have known each other since we were little. We were practically raised together, he is more of a brother than a best friend. His father acted as my own, and his mum like a second mother.

See my dad left my mum when she was pregnant with me, he wasn't ready the commitment of being a father and he didn't want to be tied down in a relationship. I don’t even know his name, my mum raised me without anyone’s help, yeah Aarons parents helped but I never really trusted men until I was a teenager. Well besides Aaron.

I had trouble trusting Harry at first because being a fangirl I knew that he was pegged the flirty ladies’ man, famous for being a player. He hasn’t had a one night stand since we started dating. The only one night stands there was in our relationship was the ones that the paparazzi made up, or the one management conjured up to create more publicity.

Eventually I let him in, I began to trust him, and he has never put his trust in jeopardy, I still worry sometimes that one day he is going to realize that I'm nothing special, or that he is going to find someone better and leave me. It happened a lot in the beginning of our relationship but after years of being together I rarely have such thoughts anymore.

Once we made it up to our fourth floor flat, I opened the door

Harry and I laid cuddled on the couch watching Love Actually, it has kind of become our movie, and we watch it every time he gets back from long trips or tours. It was getting to the part where Mark shows up at Juliet and Peters house to confess his love when Harry fell asleep, I gently took his arms from around my waist and got up trying not to jostle him, and pulled the afghan onto his sleeping body and turned off the telly.

I made my way to the kitchen and started making homemade ravioli for ravioli Bolognese, Harry's favourite. I had made the sauce the night before so I put it on the stove along with a pot of water and made the pasta dough. I added just the right amounts of flour, salt, and water. I flattened out the dough and cut them into uniform squares. I popped the cream cheese on a plate to soften I got out the ricotta, provolone, Mozzarella cheese. I melted the butter in the microwave while I mixed all of the cheeses together.

I took out a pastry brush put a coating of butter around a pasta square then put just enough cheese into half of the pasta square. I then put another layer of butter on another pasta square and put it over the filling. I then took a fork and went around the edges to make sure that it was sealed. I did this until they were all filled, then put them into the boiling water to cook. I waited until they were done by cleaning up the mess. I took out a glass pan scooped out the steaming ravioli draining them the best I could. I then put a generous amount of the Bolognese sauce and mozzarella cheese. Popping it into the oven I smiled at my work.


I went back into the living room to see Harry still fast asleep on the couch, hugging a pillow. I decided to let him sleep, he must be super jet lagged. Poor, baby. I just grabbed a book and started reading, getting caught up in Jules Verne’s world of The Mysterious Island once again. The oven beeping made me jump and pull out the steaming, cooked to perfection ravioli.

I walked to the living room to see Harry sitting up groggily rubbing his face. Perfect timing!

“Harry supper is ready!” I said as I walked over to him, ruffling his curls and kissing his cheek. He grabbed my waist and I sat down in his lap.

“I missed you!” he said against my collar bone.

“I missed you too!”

“Hey just remember that next time I go on tour, we’ll be married, so they will have to let you come out to visit me more.”

“Oh is that your great plan, to marry me then you can see me more.” I laughed as my arms rested on his shoulders and my fingers played with the curls by the base of his neck.

“Mmmhmm” he said leaving a trail of kisses from my collar bone, and up my neck.

“Now as much as I would love for you to continue, I’m hungry! And I think that you are too considering we haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

“Later, we shall continue this!” he said as I stood up, giving him my hand and pulling him up, well I tried, I don’t have much muscle.

Once he was standing he squatted down in front of me and moved his arms out of the way. I jumped onto his back and he stood back up to his full 5’ 11” and walked us into the kitchen and plopped me down into the chair while he walked to the other side of the table and plopping. His eyes widened and his smile grew when I moved the Lid off of the pot of Ravioli.

“OOOOO Ravioli Bolognese! My favourite!” He began to rub his hands and lick his lips as I put a gracious amount of the mouthwatering round cheese balls.

“Now Harry be careful it’s very,” I was cut off by his cry of pain as he shoveled the steaming food into his mouth “Hot!” I sighed as he swallowed with difficulty and took a huge mouthful of ice water.

“You Done?” I asked as he finally calmed down from his little heat fit.

“WHOO I’m okay!”

“Good, now a little slower, and blow on it before you put it in your mouth!” I began cutting a piece of ravioli as I said this and was immediately answered by a snicker from Harry as he tried to hold in a laugh.

“THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he finally burst.

“Real mature, babe!” I smiled.

“aww c’mon you walked right into that one! What else was I supposed to think?”

“You hang out with Louis too much!” I laughed.

“Hey Mia! I missed you baby girl!” Harry cooed at our little kitty Mia who was meowing like crazy, begging for food.

“Don’t beg Mia, you’re not getting any human food.”

“Aww c’mon babe! Why not?” he then turned his face to the cat circling his feet. “Do you want some ravioli?” he asked in a baby voice.

“No Harry, she’s going to get sick!”

“Oh c’mon just little bit isn’t going to hurt her!” He pouted and he knew that I couldn’t say no.

“Fine, but when she pukes, you’re cleaning it up!” I said in a knowing voice while he cut up a little piece of the ravioli and put it on the floor for Mia, who immediately attached it and whorked it down. (A/N my cat literally does this! No joke!) I just sighed and continued eating.

We eventually finished eating, just talking about random stuff like, how the tour was, how my UNI is going and just stuff like that. Once we were finished, I put away the leftovers while Harry washed the dishes.

I finished with the leftovers and I leaned against the counter as he finished drying them and putting them into the cupboards with a smirk on my face and my arms crossed over my chest. He turned around to grab our cleaned cups and saw my smirk.

“What?” he asked quite adorably if I may add.

“You’re so well trained. I love it!” I smiled brightly at him with my eyes wide.

“Ha, ha very funny, laugh all you want, but you see, this gets me brownie points!” he said as he put the cups away and he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close but far enough so we could still see each other. What with him being so much taller than me.

“Oh yeah, with who?” I teased as I looked deep into his cat-like green eyes almost falling under some sort of spell.

“Well there’s this hot ginger chick that I’m crazy about and if I’m a good boy, I get extra kisses!”

“Oh, really. Is she really that hot? I mean she must be pretty fantastic if you,” I poked his chest “would be a good boy!” I stressed ‘good’ and half smiled half smirked.

“She’s the most amazing girl that I know, and I love her with all of my heart. I can’t wait until I can say ‘I do’ and finally make her mine and only mine forever, and ever!” he almost whispered. All the teasing and playfulness gone from his voice and face, as he shone nothing but utter seriousness.

“I love you, Harry!”

“Until the world stops!” he whispered before capturing my lips with his. Nothing but love moving between our moving lips. This kiss had passion, but not the heated kind with tongue, love, just love. Pulling away only for air, we smiled into each other’s eyes.

“I’m so glad that you’re back!” I hopped up onto the counter and harry walked between my legs and rested his arms around my waist again.

“Me too, I love touring and all, but I always miss you too much! I know the other lads missed El, Nick, and Mel too. I don’t know why management insists that you girls would be too big of a distraction to us. Stupid really.”

“Yeah tell me about it. UNI just seemed to get more and more boring. I think I actually focused on school less, than when you were here.”

“Well it’s good to know that I help you focus” he winked. “Now would you like me to help you focus on a movie?”

“Why of course!” I hopped off the counter and hooked my arm with his and somewhat skipped into the living room.

“So what should we watch on this fine evening, madam?”

“Well I haven’t watched The Hunger Games in a while….”

“Well The Hunger Games it is!” He popped it in to the DVD player and the trailers rolled.

“Those look good” I said as the trailers ended for Mama, Warm Bodies, and World War Z.“Well we shall be heading to the cinema soon then m’lady!” I giggled at his fake posh accent as Seneca Crane’s voice came through the speakers and the Treaty of Treason started coming onto the screen, me cuddled into Harry’s arms like before.

As the movie progressed, we were silent apart from a comment on the characters here and there. Katniss had just begun to look for Peeta when a sudden gurgled cough brought me to look over the edge of the couch. Poor little Mia was hunched over coughing. Trying to puke up the ravioli she ate earlier.

“I told you that ravioli would make her sick!” I whined and Harry paused the movie pushed my back foreword and maneuvered around me to go move Mia into the bathroom so she wouldn’t puke on the carpet. I scooted back and curled my legs underneath me. He came back about ten minutes later.

“Who said not to feed the cat ravioli? And who said the cat would get sick from said ravioli?” I smirked.

“You were right Casey, I was wrong, and for being right. You get a surprise.” He pulled out a piece of toilet paper with the cat puke in it and started advancing towards me.

“Harry! Don’t you dare!” I screamed as I stood up and slowly walked backwards away from him.

“Aww, but babe, You deserve a prize!” he argued as he continued walking towards me. Knowing what was coming. I turned and ran into the kitchen. Harry immediately chasing after me, he caught up to me quickly, curse his fit body! He wrapped his arm around my waist, trying to hold my squirming figure still.

“Harry get that away from me or you will be cleaning up my vomit as well!” he didn’t listen though, he just continued to draw the folded paper towards my face.

“No Harry! I’ll puke!” I screamed and I could feel my stomach twist. But he just kept pushing it towards my face and started unfolding it. I could feel the acid at the bottom of my throat. Once it was fully open, only then did I realize that it was empty. He started to howl with laughter as I pushed him off of me.

“You’re such a dick you know that?” I stormed away angrily towards our bedroom, slamming the door as I went. All the while he was still laughing like a hyena.

“You…should have….seen…….your face!” he said between laughs as I walked back out to the living room with 2 pillows, a sheet, and a spare throw blanket, the blanket he brought me from Niagara Falls, Canada from the last tour.

“Well I hope your little prank was worth it. Cause you get the couch tonight!”

“Aww come on babe it was a joke! We haven’t seen each other in like three months and you’re making me sleep on the bloody couch?!” he was getting angry now.

“Yupp you should have known I would put you on the couch after that!”

“FINE!” he screamed grabbing the pillows, sheet, and blanket off of the ottoman.

“G’night!” I said sickly sweet adding a “c’mon Mia!” and going back into our room Mia following quickly behind. I took a hot shower and brushed my teeth then changed into my PJ’s and climbed once again into the big bed with only Mia there curled adorably into my stomach. I let my fingers rub over her fur, causing her to purr like a truck and fall to sleep.

I tried to fall asleep but my brain just wouldn’t settle down. Knowing that I never slept well when we fight I gave up after 15 minutes, I turned on the TV and watched the new episode of The Vampire Diaries I had recorded last night but never got the chance to watch.

After watching the whole episode, I looked at the clock seeing the bright green letters change to 11:43 P.M, I sighed and turned off the telly, deciding to give sleep another go since I did after all have work in the morning.

I layed on my side cuddling Mia with my eyes closed, facing the big window and waiting for sleep to come, and waiting, and waiting. Eventually I heard the door creek open, then I felt the bed dip with Harry’s weight. He moved the blanket and pressed the front of his body into my back, so we were resembling cutlery. (A/N sorry! I had to have my little Ed Sheeran moment!)

“I’m sorry…” he mumbled, kissing my bare shoulder. I turned over in his arms that were wrapped securely around my waist, careful not to disturb Mia.

“I overreacted, I know, but you knew that I hate gross things like that, but I should have known you wouldn’t do something like that.”

“I really think that I was around Louis too much though, three months is a long time with that boy!” I laughed and he chuckled.

“I hate it when we fight!” and he nodded in agreement, leaning closer so our lips were centimeters apart.

“It’s pointless to fight really!” he whispered

“And why’s that?”

“Because I love you too much to stay mad at you.”

“Ditto” I mumbled as I closed the gap between us.

Our lips were connected with pure passion as they moved in sync. After a few minutes of just kissing, I flicked my tongue across his bottom lip, being granted with his minty tongue meeting mine right away and he moaned as our tongues touched. I moved so that I was straddling his lean torso. Flinging a sleeping Mia off the bed.

We pulled apart and I looked down to see her growl, yes growl at me. Did I mention she growls like a dog? No? Well she does!

“C’mon Mia get your chubby but up here!” I giggled as I felt Harry’s stomach shake me with chuckles. Mia just walked away and curled up on the opposite side of the bed. Harry cleared his throat, causing me to shift my attention back to him.

“Where were we?” I asked

“Right about here…” he pulled my face down to his and our tongues met straight away. After kissing some more, I shifted my hips lower so I was straddling his crotch instead and I ground mine onto his, teasing him and making him groan. He broke apart from the kiss and sat up, making me fall back a little so my but was resting on his thighs.

“Don’t be a tease Casey, I know you want to wait until we are married, and so do I, I want to make love to you when you’re Casey Makenzie Styles. I want it to be extra special when we are on our honey moon in… well that’s a surprise, and I don’t want you to feel pressured either, I want you to be ready, ok?” He looked deep into my eyes as he said this. He was just the sweetest thing ever!

“I am ready…” I lied.

“No you’re not... don’t think you have to, sweetie, I don’t want to rush you because you think you have to… besides it won’t be special unless you’re ready”

“Ok, but I feel like I’m being a bad fiancé because I’m not satisfying your… ugh… needs.” I blushed crimson.

“See I told you that you weren’t ready, you can’t even say it without blushing, and you’re definitely not ready for the real thing. Besides sweet little virgin suits you!” He smirked, knowing he was right. I smacked his shoulder playfully.

“I love you Harry! And no matter what happens, I want you to know you will be the first to go… you know… there…”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I ducked down to kiss his cheek and rolled off of him so I was laying on my side with my head right above his heart.  The satisfying ‘thump, thump’ calming me like a lullaby.

“Oh and by the way, I love you too. Now goodnight, love!” he kissed the top of my hair.

“Night…” I yawned and cuddled deep into his arms and fell to sleep almost immediately.


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