Sleepless Nights (a One Direction Fanfic!)

Casey Webber is the soon to be Mrs. Styles! She loves Harry with all her heart and he loves her just the same! But when Paparazzi, fans, and some unlikely enemies start trouble will their love prevail? Or will they crack under the pressure? Will Casey ever walk down the isle? Will they ever say 'I Do'? Will they grow old and grey together like they planned? Will the many 'I Love You's' turn into "I Loved him/her'? Read on to find out!

This is my first fanfic so go easy in me! LLN! Oh and I suck at writing summaries for anything let alone stories that i haven't finished yet. when I write i just go with the flow and see where it takes me so its rather difficult to summarize what isn't there!


2. *Breakfast and Douche Bags!*


Vas happenin’ people! I would like to point this out now, in this Fanfic Zayn isn’t dating Perrie! I totally ship them and support them! Any who! Ok I’m done! Enjoy my beautiful potatoes!

****Chapter 2**** (Casey)

                I woke up to get ready for the day! After I finally fell asleep after my conversation with Harry I dreamt about what my wedding would be like! It was all going great, my dress was perfect, the ceremony beautiful! Until the vows and I do’s came! it was as if my point of view switched and I was watching Harry and I on the alter. Only when Harry removed my veil form my face, I didn’t see myself, I saw that girl from the article! I stared in horror. My fiancé was marrying some other girl! Then the girl changed from the mystery girl to Annie, my coworker that’s been trying to steal Harry away from me since the moment she laid eyes on him when he entered Nandos to surprise me one day! I woke up in the middle of the night, panting with sweat dripping off of me!

                I decided to get up and make myself some tea, hoping desperately that it would calm me down! It did after I watched a few episodes of Ghost Whisperer, I LOVE that show more than I love food, now that’s saying something! I fell asleep on the couch, the telly still on. I woke up about an hour later when there was a crash on the T.V, Melinda was being visited by a ghost that knocked over a vase in her antique shop. I turned off the telly and made my way back to our room. After that I slept through the rest of the night.  

                I had woken up at around 8:30, and got ready for the day. I hoped in the shower, scrubbing away all the nights’ problems with my favorite bodywash, raspberry sorbet and almond blossom, (no seriously try it its PhenomiNiall!), I finished and go dressed in <Dress on the side!> with my brown gladiators, and matching brown shoulder bag! I loosely curled my chocolate brown hair so it fell in ringlets down my back, it fell right to my bottom rib, and was ready to go!

                I hopped into my metallic silver Kia Soul. By now it was 9:30 so there were only a few more hours until I would be in Harrys’ arms! Eleanor, Melody, and Nicole and I are all meeting up for breakfast before we headed off to the airport. As I was driving to our usual breakfast spot my stomach started to growl like a cow was being murdered! Wow I really need to stop skipping dinner to read! Its not my fault the perfect chemistry trilogy is so addicting!

                I pulled up outside Eleanor’s flat and dropped her a text ‘Here my lovely! Now hurry up my stomach sounds like a dying cow!’ I saw her hear pop out and a finger held up to say ‘one minute!’ I sighed. I just want food! Five agonizingly long minutes later, El walked out and hopped in the front seat next to me.

“Finally ready?” I asked.

“yupperdoodles!” she answered! She was rather odd! When you go to know her, she ended up being the female version of Lou! Yeah, I know she got pretty crazy! I pulled out of the car park and down the road, when I saw the familiar black van, yay! Paparazzi know the boys are coming home today so we should be followed ALL day! Just what I’ve always wanted! My very own stalker entourage! Note sarcasm!

Anyways we finally got to Denny’s. I didn’t see Mel’s car so I decided to call her. Ring, ring-ring.

 ‘Hello!’ Mel’s cheery voice finally answered

‘Hey Mel! El and I are here where are you and Nick (Nicole)?

’Oh, hey Casey! Were on our way! I just had to stop for gas! Took a little longer because the cashier guy kept flirty with Nick and I and he was taking ages to give me my change! We’re about five minutes away, so could you go in and order the usual for us so when we get there we can eat, I’m Starved!’

‘Of course, babe!’ I answered.

‘Tanks babe! We’ll be there soon! Bye baby cakes!’ She said in her Irish accent! We always called each other cutesy names!

‘Hurry! Bye sweet cheeks!’ *click*

I turned to El. “They’re about 5 minutes away. They want us to order so when they get here we can eat!”

“OKAY! Let us go!” she said cheerfully! We turned to walk into the restaurant.

“Hey El how much caffeine did u drink before I came to get you?” I asked the hyper girl.

“Oh I’d say about three cups!” she said bouncing up and down waiting to be seated. Oh Dear! This should be a fun day!

“Oh come one El you know what too much caffeine does to you! Milk or juice with breakfast! Ok?”

“Geez when did you become mama direction! Maybe you should’ve dated Liam! Loosen up a little, girly!” she said still bouncing!

“El, I’m a nurse! Do you know how many people I see come into the office because of too much caffeine!?” I asked rather serious! See I work part time at a nursing clinic that’s for the conditions that’s not serious enough for a hospital. I’m not a full nurse yet I still have to finish my last year of Uni, but I knew enough to get a job there.

“Well I’m fine!” she said as the waitress came up.

“Hi, welcome to Denny’s table for two?” She asked with a fake smile, obviously wishing she didn’t have to be up so early on a Saturday morning!

“No, we have some friend meeting us in a few minutes. Could we get a booth for four?” I asked

“Sure right this way!” she said in a fake peppy tone.

We were escorted to a booth that was right before the large corner booth. That’s when I noticed the familiar look of paparazzi walking through the door. Great!

“Your waiter will be right over!” she stated and went back to the hostess booth for the waiting paps! I sighed, waiting for the waiter to order my beloved grand slam! El sat across from me, we didn’t even have to look at the menu we’ve been to this place so many times it wasn’t even funny!

The hostess walked past us again followed by the sleaze ball paparazzi. I shivered, I always hated them! Even before when I was just a fan! Sure they got us most of our pictures of the boys, but they take away all of their privacy! It sickens me, now because I’m getting married to Harry- HAH that rhymed! I’m weird get over it! - I have no privacy either!

Im surprised we haven’t been met by any fans yet today! They’re usually everywhere! And I jinxed it! Just then a little girl and her, I’m guessing older sister, walked up to our table. The little girl was around 5, and the older girl was around maybe 16-17, I presume!

“Hi, I’m sorry to bother you! But my little sister and I are huge One Direction fans! And we were just wondering if we could get a picture with you?” the oldest girl asked with so much hope that I couldn’t possibly say no! Especially with the little girl giving me puppy dog eyes!

“Of course!” El jumped in.

“Wait, before we take the picture! Why don’t we wait for Mel and Nick! Then you can have one with all of us girls!” I interjected.

“Would You really!? That’s so nice of you!” she said going into fangirl mode!

“Well of course! Why don’t you sit down and wait with us! Are you here with anybody else?” I asked.

“No, we were gonna eat then go to the airport to see the boys! I’m guessing the same for you girls!” She said.

“Yeah, we are! Why don’t we move to the bigger booth and then we can all eat together! Then we can all go to the airport to get the boys! How’s that sound?” I said enthusiastically, already knowing the answer would be a whopping yes. My assumption was right, like always!

“YES, YES, YES, OH MY GOSH YES!!!!!” the girl was jumping up and down, I thought she would pass out!

“What are your names, babe?” Eleanor asked with a giggle.

“My names Kate and this is my little sister Lizzie!” she answered talking rather fast.

“Well don’t just stand there lets go to the bigger booth!” I said giggling at the memory of me being that crazy!

                “Oh yeah! But shouldn’t we ask first?” she asked concerned.

                “Yeah, babe I’ll be back straight away! El you know what to order if the waiter comes, correct?” I said.

                “Yuppers, will do doll face!” Oh Eleanor, what shall I do with you!?

I went to the hostess booth. She wasn’t there so I patiently waited for her to return. She wasn’t very good at her job because by the time she got back to her station, Mel and Nick were walking into the door.

                “How may I help you miss?” she asked in her fake peppy voice!

                “Um yes, I was just wondering if we could possibly move to the bigger booth behind our current table. You see we decided to sit with a few unplanned guests and our current booth won’t be big enough.” I explained.

                “Why of course you can! There isn’t anybody sitting there so I don’t see why not!”

                “Alright thank you! Come along my baby cakes’!” I said turning towards Mel and Nick.

                 We returned to the table and I said “Look who I found!” Eleanor jumped up and hugged the two girls. She most definitely had too much coffee! I put on fake hurt “Aww, Why didn’t I get a hello hug!” I fake sobbed into the unsuspecting Kate. She jumped and started shaking! I pulled away looking concerned.

 “Are you ok sweetheart?” I asked rather concerned, I mean I knew she was a fan but was she that big of a fan?

“O-Of course! Why w-wouldn’t I be! I just got a hug fro-from Harry Styles Fi-Fi-Fiancé!” she squealed. “Oh gosh, I apologize! I just completely lost my cool there! I probably seem like some crazy fangirl!”

“Oh no, no honey! Can I tell you a secret?” I said as we sat down in the other booth.

“su-sure!” she said, most likely thinking I hated her for freaking out!

                 I leaned over and said “I used to be a crazy fangirl a few years ago too!” I said

                “Well what happened? Why did you stop being one?” she asked awfully curious.

                “Well I met Harry and the boys outside one of their concert venues, and Harry being the flirt that he is! Decided to talk to a ‘pretty’” I put air quotes around pretty, because I wasn’t, “Girl and he gave me his number and we started talking a lot, then we started to hang out a lot! Then one thing led to another, the shock of knowing and hanging out with one of my idols and I stopped freaking out over every little thing! Then we started dating, then he proposed, and here we are today! So I was pretty much in the same position as you are!” I said trying to comfort her!

                “Re-really?’ she asked “I thought you were a model or something and you and harry met at some one direction party!” she said confused.

                I just laughed along with the other girls that knew the truth! I was almost in tears when I stopped laughing. “Hah, Me! A model! Hah don’t make me laugh! I don’t know how you fans ever believed that I was a model! I’m way too ugly to be a model!” I said trying to catch my breath but ending up in another fit of giggles!

                “What do you mean you don’t understand how the fans ever believed you were a model!?” she asked confused and hurt.

                We girls finally stopped laughing when we heard Kates’ tone. Everything was really serious now. “Um yeah management didn’t want the fans to think that it could happen to them with another one of the boys, so they said that Harry and Sarah met at an album party! They said that if she and Harry didn’t play along that they would be forced to break up and never see each other again! The boys and I tried to stop it since Liam and I were the only ones dating at the time but they wouldn’t let us!” Mel explained in a small voice.

                “So you were forced to keep you were inner fan a secret?” she asked like it would’ve been the most difficult thing in the world! “Oh and you are pretty enough to be a model! No doubt!” she added.

                “Thanks and yeah we all did, it got easier as time went on because I fell in love with Harry the person not the flirty curly haired boy from one direction!” I said.

                “You all did? So does that mean you were all fans?” she asked

                “Yeah, pretty much, all of us accept Mel because she knew them before they became famous from the X Factor!” I said.

                “Ok! Moving on! When do you think Lou will propose to me?” Eleanor asked hopefully!

                “Soon I presume! I mean Harry said that all the boys want to but they’re too chicken!” I said.

                I got a chorus of “REALLY?”

                “Well no! But I can tell that they do but are too afraid!”

                “Aww poop! We all know Nialler was the biggest chicken when it came to asking me to be his girlfriend! ” Nick said with a sigh.

                “Same!” Mel and El said at the same time. Just then the waiter walked up.

                “Hello, and welcome to Denny’s! I’ll be your server today, my name is Dan can I start you with something to drink or are you ready to order?” he said staring at me. I was a little creeped out because he wasn’t looking at anyone else.

                “Could I get the fit slam, with an apple juice please?” El said hyper at least she listened.

                “Could I get the…Belgium waffle slam with a coffee please?” Mel ordered.

                “Could I get the banana pecan pancake breakfast with water and can she have the chocolate chip pancakes with milk off of the kids menu please?” Kate said.

                “Could I please have the bacon avocado burrito with coffee as well?” Nick ordered.

                “Of course!” he said cheerfully still looking at me from the corner of his eye. “And what about you gorgeous!” he said winking. I shivered in disgust. I hated when other guys hit on me! I’ve never liked it! Harry was the only exception because back then he was ‘Harry Styles! My Idol!’ but it just gets on my nerves and disgusts me!

                “Um yeah could I have the grand slam with orange juice, please?” I said trying to hide the disgust in my voice and pushing my hair back with my left hand so that my big engagement ring shone bright and in the open! Hoping he got the hint! I collected the menus and handed them to him because I was, unfortunately, the closest to the end.

                 He purposely brushed his rough hand against mine. I shivered and grimaced but he apparently hadn’t noticed. I looked across from me to Eleanor for help but she just shrugged, not knowing what to do, I mean it wasn’t serious but I did feel uncomfortable. He smiled then thankfully walked away!

                I sighed in relief as he walked to the kitchen to place our order. “Oh. My. God can you say perv alert! Did u see the way he was looking at you Casey?!” Mel said. I just grimaced.

                “I mean could he have made it anymore obvious?” Nick added.

                “I kept trying to make my ring visible but he wasn’t looking, or he just decided to ignore it. But I definitely don’t like it!” I said disgusted.

                “Hey how about we talk about your wedding when he starts to come over again with the drinks then maybe he’ll get the idea that you’re a taken woman!” Kate suggested.

                “Oh Kate! You. Are. A. GENIOUS!” I said in pure joy!

                We started to talk about Kate a little but when Dan came out of the kitchen and started for the table, we cut to the wedding talk!

                “Oh Casey I can’t wait to see your wedding dress! You’re gonna look so pretty walking down the aisle!” Mel Said a little louder than a normal conversation should be.

                “I know right Mel! I can’t believe you and Harrys’ wedding is in less than a month!” El added!

                Dan was about a table length away by now so Nick added “we should have Lizzie be the flower girl! I’m sure Harry won’t mind she’s so darn cute! ”

                “Actually Harry and I were looking for a flower girl! My aunt said she didn’t want her daughter in the wedding because she’s too misbehaved!” I said.

                “Here are your drinks ladies!” Dan said placing them down he brushed his arm against mine and kept inching closer! I just shuffled closer to Mel, being very noticeable if I might add.

                “Thanks!” I said trying to make time go quicker so that he would leave. I put my left hand up by my face again so that he would see my ring. I mean how he cannot see it I don’t know!  IT’S HUGE! It’s bigger than my thumb nail!

                “No problem, beautiful!” He said looking at me like a piece of meat, and he was a hungry lion! I again shivered in disgust and grimaced! Thank the lord Jesus that he walked away! I waited until he disappeared into the kitchen until I stated “wow the douche just can’t take a hint!”

                “I know! Talk about being blind!” Kate said.

                “Well thanks anyways girls! Now this chick needs the loo! BRB!” I said getting up and walking to the bathroom. I went in and did my business, and went back out. As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom and felt someone pull my arm hard. I stumbled and fell forward, only to be caught by an unfamiliar pair of arms! I opened my eyes and pulled away, not liking the situation.

                I tried to turn around and walk away, still not looking up to see who it was, but was pulled again with a little less force. “Is that really all I get for catching a pretty girl when she’s about to fall?” Ugh I think im gonna puke! I yanked my arm away and took a few steps back and spat “yes! Especially when you caused her to fall! Listen dude! I don’t like the fact that you’re constantly flirting with me! It’s making me uncomfortable and if you don’t stop I’ll come back next time with my Fiancé and he won’t appreciate that you keep hitting on me!”

                He looked taken aback but recovered and said “He doesn’t have to know sweetheart!” while moving towards me. I backed up turning a little so that I was backing out towards the dining room.

                “If you take one more step I swear I’ll tell him and you don’t want to see Harry pissed!” I said hopping to scare him! We all know Harry couldn’t hurt a fly!

                “Oh yeah what is he gonna do!” Dan asked.

                I was almost to the dining room “well let’s see, he could get all of the One Direction fans to HATE you! Which if you didn’t know is A LOT? Then he could send his body guards to take you out, or he could get you fired and blackballed out of a new job! Now you chose! Keep flirting and you get no job, beaten up and hated by millions of girls! Or you could just stop now and forget everything that just happened!” I said in a stern voice!

                But the dumb ass just kept walking towards me! He made it so my body turned and I was against the wall again! Oh no! What do I do now!? My back found the wall as I kept backing up! He was getting really close now.

                “Now if you scream I’ll punch you real hard!” he said very angry.

                I started to shake in fear of what he was gonna do. He was about an inch away and I flinched away as he raised his hand to caress my cheek. He grabbed my face between his fingers, turning my head so I had to look at him. He slammed his lips against mine and forced my lips open by squeezing the back of my jaw forcing my jaw to open. His tongue slipped into my mouth. So I took the opportunity to take it in between my teeth and bite down hard. I could taste his blood in my mouth! He tried pulling away and I just bit down harder. He squeezed my jaw again forcing me to open my mouth.

                 He then slapped my face really hard and I fell to the floor crying in pain. I heard a gasp and saw Mel! I shuffled on the ground towards her and she helped pull me up!

                “If you tell a single person about this, either of you, I will find you and kill you!” with that he walked away blood running down his jaw.

                We ran back to the table and as soon as I was sat in the booth, Mel ran to the hostess who was thankfully at her podium. I was soon bombarded my questions from all the girls! So I explained everything. After I washed out my mouth of Dan’s blood.

                “Oh honey! Are you ok!” El said concerned, she asked a passing waitress for a bag of ice for my bruising face.

                “Yeah can we just go!” I asked. Not wanting to stay here another second.

                “Yeah but let’s at least tell the manger!” El said. I shook my head furiously!

                “Ok at least wait for the ice!” she pleaded. I nodded. Soon the waitress came back and handed me my ice then being nosey asked what I did.

                “Hit my face on the hand dryer when I slipped on a little water!” she nodded and apologized then went to go put a wet floor sign down.

                Mel came back and I headed for the door. “Hey don’t worry! I got the dick fired!” I gasped

                “You weren’t supposed to tell anyone Mel! Now he’s gonna come after us!” I said my eyes darting around looking for him! I couldn’t see anything but I was still nervous.

                “Don’t worry! I called Paul and he’s on his way to pick us up, I explained everything! We have to wait here so we’re in the public eye though!”

                “OK!” I said still nervous. Nick moved my hand to see the damage.

                “Well you’re gonna need a new story because hand dryers don’t make handprints!” she said. I sighed.

                “I just don’t want Harry to worry!” I said.

                “Babe he’s gonna know something’s up when you show up at the airport with a huge, red handprint on your face!” she said.

                “Do you think I could cover it with foundation?” I asked.

                “You could try but I think you should tell him!” she replied.

                I nodded and said “Ok! But at least let me wait until we get back from the airport!”

                “Good idea!” she said as the familiar black people carrier came up in front of the restaurant!

                We hopped in and greeted Paul with ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’ he said fine and asked if I was ok, I said yes and we were on our way! I tried my best to cover my cheek but it was still a little red so I put blush on my other cheek to make it look even. Thank god it did! The last thing we need is the paparazzi thinking Harry hit me!

                We pulled up to the airport and I felt a wave of happiness wash over me, just a few more minutes and I’d be with Harry again! With his familiar, strong, and protective arms wrapped around me!



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