Sleepless Nights (a One Direction Fanfic!)

Casey Webber is the soon to be Mrs. Styles! She loves Harry with all her heart and he loves her just the same! But when Paparazzi, fans, and some unlikely enemies start trouble will their love prevail? Or will they crack under the pressure? Will Casey ever walk down the isle? Will they ever say 'I Do'? Will they grow old and grey together like they planned? Will the many 'I Love You's' turn into "I Loved him/her'? Read on to find out!

This is my first fanfic so go easy in me! LLN! Oh and I suck at writing summaries for anything let alone stories that i haven't finished yet. when I write i just go with the flow and see where it takes me so its rather difficult to summarize what isn't there!


3. *Airports and Security Guards!*


****Chapter 3****(Casey)

            When we arrived at the airport, there were a bunch of fans waiting for the boys return. Paul found a spot and before we got out we briefed Kate on the fact that she would be bombarded with questions! We told her to “walk straight for the door, keep your eyes forward, and don’t answer any questions” we said at separate times.

            She took a tight hold on Lizzie and we got out of the car being met by five more security guards. We were well protected and I personally trusted them all with my life, because you never know what these fans will do! We sped walked to the airport doors ignoring the questions.

            “Who is this girl you’re with?”

            “Casey! Will there still be a wedding?”

            “What are your thoughts on the situation?”

            “Are you just here to pick up Harry so he can move out?” I just kept walking head straight.

Once safely inside we thanked the guards, we hugged the ones we knew and introduced ourselves to the ones we didn’t. We always got on well with the guards, some of them were like the father I never had. You see my dad walked out when I was three, and my mom raised me by herself.

            We talked to the desk and showed our ID’s, you can never be too careful, and were escorted to the terminal where the boys’ plane would land. When we got there I plopped down on the hard metal chair and examined my purse, the strap was now only on half of the bag L poop that was my favorite bag! Dang the fans were handsy today!

We started talking about the paps and what they were talking about.

            “What did they mean will there still be a wedding?” El asked

            “And are you just here to pick up Harry so he can get out of the apartment?”  Mel added

            “Some fan attacked Harry when they were leaving the arena last night and kissed him, they snapped the pic before he pushed her off.” I said with a shrug.

            “Oh yeah! I read that on Sugerscape this morning! I was like no way in hell bitches! Carry all the way! He’d never do that!” Kate added. I smiled oh how much a fan she is!

            “Why thank you Kate! I know Harry wouldn’t! He wouldn’t have texted me about it if it had happened anyways!” I replied. The rest of the girls just nodded in understanding. We all know what its like to have stuff blown way out of proportion and the media butting into our lives.

We then made idle chit chat about this and that for about ten minutes, continuously looking out the window for the boys’ plane. Once we spotted a few false alarms we were really antsy.

“Alright we need a distraction from those bloody windows!” I said agitated.

            “Ooo-ooo I know!  Let’s play truth or dare!” El suggested. ‘Just like Louis’ I thought to myself’

            “No we play that too much,” I said “How about… we play would you rather?”

            “What’s that?” everyone asked.

            “Well you say an ultimatum and the person has to choose which one or the other, no Exceptions!” I explained.

            “Sounds simple enough! Sarah you start so we can get the feel for it!!” Nick said.

            “Um ok! El would you rather lick ketchup off a hobo’s foot, or only eat Brussels sprouts for a month?” I said, knowing her hate of Brussels sprouts and fear of hobos’

            “Um, a thick layer of ketchup, but only like a millimeter of the ketchup!” she said after much thought.

            “Okay EL your turn to choose!” I said

            “Okay! Um, Kate! Would you rather kiss Zayn or Harry?” she asked with a devious smile. She knew I hated when people talked about other people kissing Harry!

            “ZAYN! 100% DJ MALIK, DJ MALIK ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT!” She answered almost instantaneously while pulling a Zayn with the ‘Rock & Roll’ hands (If You Don’t Know Where This Is From “GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!”!). Well at least she didn’t say Harry!

            She then turned beat red when she realized she said that out loud. HAH, poor little fangirl. Her sister just laughed and playfully covered her eyes while attempting to say “Not again” but coming out “Nawt Awgaan”

            “You do that often?” Mel asked in a teasing voice while the rest of us just laughed, half at the look on her face and half the memories of us doing something similar, corresponding with our boyfriends/ fiancé.

            I looked out the window still giggling a little and I saw a plane coming in. Excited I told the other girls. We ran over to the woman at the nearby counter and asked if that was the plane from the Buffalo Airport in America. She confirmed that it was and we all started jumping around in excitement. The lady at the counter realized that it was the boys’ plane and called security thinking we were crazy fans.  By the time security got there the plane had landed and started to un-board. The best part about the boys (well Louis) is that you would always hear them before you saw them. Once again I tried to tell the security guards that we were in fact their girlfriends.

            “ELEANOR! MY LOVE, I’M COMING!” Louis shouted coming out of the terminal.

Eleanor tried to run for Lou but the guard caught her by her sleeve and held her wrist. She pouted, then scream to Louis “LOUIS, LOUIS I NEED HELP!!” the guard sighed and all the girls just looked at each other, we all knew what was about to happen!

            “SOMEBODY NEEDS HELP! WHAH!” Louis appeared and ripped his jacket open conveniently he was wearing his superman shirt! Score!

            He then ran to Eleanor and slapped the man’s hand away with his sass, then scooped up Eleanor and rushed her to ‘safety’ which in reality was by the group of boys that were at the luggage carousal.

            “TOLD YA HE WAS MY BOO!” Eleanor shouted, smirking.

            “May we go see our boyfriends, or Fiancé,” She wiggled her eyebrows at me, “Now?” Mel asked.

            The guard just sighed and walked away, Diva, I thought to myself. I walked over to get my purse off the counter and I was about to walk over to the rest of the group when I felt arms wrap around me.  Flinched away thinking it was Dan, my mind still in protective instinct mode. I turned to see a confused Harry. I sighed and then fell back into his arms.

             When I started to stretch up onto my tip-toes Harry started to lean down, our lips connected with a bolt of electricity coursing through our veins. As the kiss deepened, Harrys tongue swiped across my bottom lip, asking for entrance, which I granted right away. I was okay now that my brain registered it was Harry and not Dan. Almost as soon as his tongue entered my mouth it was gone.

            I opened my eyes and looked at Harry confused. “Why did you stop?”

            “Because your mouth tastes like blood, and I was worried, I was about to ask if you cut your lip or something but you asked why I stopped! What did you do?”

            “Oh, uh, nothing just bit my check a lot when waiting for the plane to land that’s all!” I said a little too quickly.

            “Casey, I can tell when you’re lying, we’ve only know each other for almost six years now!” Harry stated brushing his hand across my cheek, I winced it hurt like a mofo! I think he noticed because his face twisted into confusion. Curse his knowledge of my mannerisms!

            I sighed. “Alright I’ll tell you when were not in the public eye!”

            “Let’s go join the others shall we?” he asked after handing me a mint candy from his pocket. I took it gladly and swashed it around my mouth.

            We walked hand in hand as we made our way over to the rest of the group. I walked over to Kate who looked as if she’d pass out!  “Deep breaths, love! Now have you been introduced?” I was guessing not because it didn’t seem like the boys noticed her, they were the type to talk to their fans a lot, and not ignore them like some celebrities! She shook her head furiously.

            “OK! Let’s start one at a time shall we? I know all five at once is too much at times! Now this is Harry, but you knew that!”

            Harry walked over and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He then squatted down to Lizzie and hugged her, then picked her up like she was as light as a feather. Oh his muscles! Whoa snap out of I told myself.

            “Babe this is Kate, we met her at breakfast” I explained. They talked about her and Lizzie, their ages and such.

            Then we gradually made it around the group. Louis’ introduction a little louder than needed. We finally made it to Zayn. I saw him looking at her when she was being introduced to everyone else. I have a feeling that he’ll like her they do have similar personalities!

            “And finally we have Zayn!” I said smiling largely.

            He hugged her and said hello while she hugged him with a look on her face that told me she was about to fangirl. They pulled back and she was standing there smiling like she was about to burst.

            “Um excuse us for a minute?” I said stepping out of Harry’s grip, grabbing Kates arm and pulling her away.

            “Kate you look like you’re about to faint! Take a few deep breaths!” I said

            She nodded and breathed.

            “Better?” I asked.

            She nodded then replied “I know that I seem like im about to fangirl any second but im about to burst! Was this how you felt?” she asked

            “Pretty much that’s how this was for all of us! Now do you think you’ll be okay to go back and join everyone?”

            “I, uh, think so!” she said and with that we made our way back to the rest of the group.

            I walked back over to Harry and we resumed our previous position. I leaned into him further and his arms tightened around me. I was just so happy that he was home! He leaned his head down and kissed my temple.

            “Lets’ go home.” He whispered into my ear making me shiver. I just nodded.

            He turned me around in his arms and we started kissing passionately. The boys started to Wolfe whistle, while the girls just smacked them. I pulled away blushing and buried my face into Harry’s shirt. He rubbed my back with his big hand and whispered in my ear “They’re just jealous!” I smiled. That boy always knew how to make me feel better!

            “Hey babe?” Harry said.

            “Yeah?” I answered lazily just enjoying his presence, with my back pressed against his stomach I could be happy never moving again!

            “Only 31 more days until I can, officially, call you Casey. Samantha. Styles!” he said then placed a kiss on my cheek in between each of my names.

            I was about to reply but was interrupted by Louis and Niall. “OOO HAZ! YOU’RE SO WHIPPED!”  They said laughing. Soon after being smacked in the stomach by El and Nick.

            “Oh yeah! At least I had the balls to ask MINE to marry ME!” Harry said emphasizing.

            I gasped. “HARRY!” I said elbowing him in the gut. I turn around a look at him like ‘REALLY?’ he just looked at me like ‘What?’

            Just as I was about to yell at Harry I heard the familiar screams of the fans that managed to get through.

            “Harry! You’re so hot! Can I have a picture?”

            “Marry me Niall, I brought Nandos!”


            “Zayn I have a mirror!” obviously a Zirror Shipper.

            “Liam will you go lamping with me?!”

            I sighed and said “go we’ll be here when you get back!” all of us said our quick goodbyes and they sped off towards their fans. Us girls knew the drill to this by now! We just started talking about how Harry was a total moron for saying that!

            “I can’t believe Harry said that! I’m really sorry girls!” I said.

            “I thought Lou was about to punch him in the face!” El replied.

            “It looked like Harry just stole Niall’s food, I thought he was about to kill him!” Nick said.

            “Yeah now that you mentioned it Liam did look a little pissed, what with his angry face!” Mel said imitating Liam getting into and (American) football player stance, squeezing her fists together and putting on a GRRRRRR face. We all just laughed, lightening the mood.

            “Why do you suppose they were so angry?” Kate asked.

            “I dunno, maybe they didn’t want us girls to think about marriage yet. I mean I don’t think Niall’s ready to be honest. He just doesn’t seem on that level yet. You know what I mean?” Nick said.

            I nodded. “I guess. But I mean you’d still say yes if he asked!”

            “Oh, of course I would! But I just don’t think he will! I would be ecstatic if he did but he’s so oblivious to all the hints I drop around the flat!”

            “Well we all know how Niall is our special child!” Mel said. Causing us all to laugh hysterically.

            “I genuinely thought that Liam would ask by now! He always says that he wants to settle down with me! But he still hasn’t asked! I’m starting to lose hope!” Mel said after we stopped laughing.

            “Aww babe! Never lose hope! You two are perfect for each other! You just wait! Take it from someone who spends a lot of time watching his every move on the internet!” Kate said. Then back tracked and added “Hey nothing creeperie! But I just spend all my free time online fangirling!”

            “Oh, you really think so?” Mel said.

            “Totally! I can tell by the way he looks at you! And that goes for all of you girls! They’re madly in love with you girls! I would kill for someone to love me like they love you!” I giggled knowing that Zayn had his eye on her.

            “Thanks Kate! You sure know how to make a girl feel better!” Mel said.

            “No problem babe! Anything to see you girls happy! I hate seeing people sad! It bums me out!” She really was special! I mean I knew her for what maybe two and a half hours and I feel like I’ve known her for years!

            We started talking about random stuff and about an hour later the boys came back. We started to make our way back out of the airport when Lou made a very audible, drama king, sigh, breaking the awkward silence that took place when the boys came back .We all just look at him. He just gave Niall and Liam a look, they just nodded, Lou then began speaking.

            “Well we were gonna do this at dinner! But since Haz,” he said glaring at Harry. “Put us out there, we’re kind of floundering. So…..”

            What will they say? I don’t know! Maybe you’ll just have to come back and read when I post again! I would make it longer but however I’m knackered! And I’m sick! So imma go to bed! Goodnight to my beautiful potatoes!

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