Sleepless Nights (a One Direction Fanfic!)

Casey Webber is the soon to be Mrs. Styles! She loves Harry with all her heart and he loves her just the same! But when Paparazzi, fans, and some unlikely enemies start trouble will their love prevail? Or will they crack under the pressure? Will Casey ever walk down the isle? Will they ever say 'I Do'? Will they grow old and grey together like they planned? Will the many 'I Love You's' turn into "I Loved him/her'? Read on to find out!

This is my first fanfic so go easy in me! LLN! Oh and I suck at writing summaries for anything let alone stories that i haven't finished yet. when I write i just go with the flow and see where it takes me so its rather difficult to summarize what isn't there!


4. *Airports and Proposals*



"Well we were gonna do this at dinner! But since Haz," he said glaring at Harry. "Put us out there, we're kind of floundering. So..." they were each standing in front of their girlfriends but Louis was the first to drop down on one knee in front of Eleanor.

Eleanor was covering her mouth in shock while the two other girls were looking on with longing looks. I was smiling looking on with Harry standing behind me and his arms securely around my waist.

"Eleanor Jane Calder we've been dating for the best four and a half years of my life! I love you with all my heart! We've been to hell and back with hate and rumors! We made it through stronger than we were before! I remember the day Harry introduced us to each other. Lets just say that it was the best decision of Curlys life-"

"I beg to differ but continue!" Harry added tightening his arms around my waist and bending down to my ear and adding "the best decision of my life was choosing to go out the back exit of that arena instead of the side!"

"Anyways let's just say it was the best thing Curly has ever done for me! Better?"


"Okay, I remember it like it was yesterday! You were wearing a pretty maroon blouse with brown swirly-like patterns and dark blue jeans with your brown boots and a rip just above the boot-line! Our first date was to Starbucks and you ordered a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino extra whip cream. When you took the first sip you got whipped cream all over your nose and I wiped it off with my sleeve. We first said I love you at the Doncaster villages around Christmas time when I took you to meet my mom and sisters. It was that day that I knew I wanted to grow old with you, no matter the fact we'd only been dating for a few months, I just knew. So Eleanor Jane Calder with you do me the FabuLouis honor of becoming Eleanor Jane Tomlinson?"

By now El was crying and possibly not breathing but nodded furiously none the less. "Yes! Yes! Yes I would love that!" when she spoke it was barely audible through the tears at the beginning but at the end she was jumping with joy. Lou stood up and they hugged grinning like loons. He pulled back and said "REALLY?!?!" "YEAH!" they kissed and there was a round of applause to all the passing citizens and some tears of the fans who knew yet another boy was off the market.

"Now, now were not done!" Niall said. Getting down on his good knee in front of Nicole while Lou and El came over by us/ he was fishing through his back pack and shouted in accomplishment when he found the blue velvet box he then put the ring on Eleanor's finger and they kissed passionately. I averted my eyes back over to Niall and Nicole.

"Nicole Olivia Morris I love you more than food!" there were gasps from our group of people and every fan in the airport while Nicole just giggled. Niall continued.

"Oh don't act so surprised people! Okay! When we met I was so lonely! But then I met you in that meet and greet line, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You were the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen. I wrote my number on your cd and you didn't think it was real so I told you to call it and my phone rang. We talked a while when the crew was cleaning up then we went to lunch! A buffet of course! You almost ate as much as I did! I knew I loved you then! But I didn't have the guts until our first anniversary! Ok now im just ranting let's just cut to the point! Nicole Olivia Morris will you do me the PhenomiNiall honor of becoming Nicole Olivia Horan?" nick wasn't as blubbery as El was so she could talk but there was a few tears.

"Yes I would love to Niall!" I think she was in shock! He stood up and wiped the tears off her face with his thumbs.

"I thought I told you not to waste your precious tears!"

"Well these are happy tears! Now shut up and kiss me!"

"Don't mind if I d-"She cut him off with a kiss and the crowd erupted into cheers and tears again. They left the focus on Liam and joined our group of to be marrieds. The crowd died down on their own knowing there was one more left.

"Melody Ciara Williams! I love you more than humanly possible! I would throw myself into a bin of spoons for you, and then eat with only a spoon for the rest of my life! I love you more than anyone has ever loved anything! We've been together for five years as of next month! I wouldn't have wanted to go through this journey of fame without you there beside me encouraging me and being my inspiration! We've been through rumors, hate, love, and no privacy when we wanted it desperately! Like I sing in Everything About You "I would walk through the desert, I would walk down the aisle, I would swim all the oceans just to see you smile" because no matter what I have to do I would do it for you! I wanna live the rest of my life with you and have children together and grow old and watch them have children with you by my side the whole time! So become Melody Ciara Payne and lets finish this adventure together!"

"YES, YES A MILLION TIMES YES!" She said jumping. He jumped to his feet and grabbed her into a bear hug. I was such a romantic sab was smiling like an idiot and remembering when harry proposed to me.



"You've got that One Thing!" the boys' sang. I clapped standing the wing of the stage far enough back that no one can see me but the boys if they wanted.

"Now before we sing the last song of the night," Harry said.

"AWW!" The fans whined.

"I know, I know but we have to go home at some point. Anyways I would like a very special guest to come out on stage!" harry continued at center stage. Then all of a sudden he was running towards me pulling me out on stage.


"Oh come on babe! There are only 5,250 people!" he said it like it was nothing.

"That's the same thing! Im not going out there!" I said sternly.

"Come on just keep your eyes on me! Don't look out at the crowd, just me. Trust me!" He said soothingly. He pecked my lips encouragingly. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes but nodded. He took my hand.

"Okay!" I said nervously.

"That's my girl!" We walked out hand in hand. Some of the crowd cheered, a few booed. My breath caught in my throat. Harry just squeezed my hand encouragingly and leaned in and whispered. "Eyes on me right!" I nodded.

There was a stool waiting near the front of the stage closer to the middle than the side. Harry led me over and sat me down. "Remember keep your eyes on me!" I nodded. My side was facing the crowd so I just kept my head to the right and imagined I was sitting in the wing.

"Now let's dedicate this last song to Casey, everybody!" He said walking back to center stage with the boys. The familiar music started playing and Liam started singing.

"From the moment I met you, everything changed 

I knew I had to get you, whatever the pain

I had to take you and make you mine

(take you and make you mine)

Harry had started slowly walking towards me.

I would walk through the desert"

Harry was now standing right in front of me. Something's fishy here. He reached into his back pocket but held whatever it was behind his back.


I would walk down the aisle"

As soon as Liam said aisle, the music cut out and Harry dropped down to one knee with an open red velvet box with the most beautiful ring I'd ever seen. I took in a sharp intake of air.

"So Casey? Will you walk down the aisle and become Casey Mackenzie Styles?" I never thought that Harry would've asked me tonight! I've wanted him to ask for the past six months but I didn't think he would! His eyes were sparkling with hope, it was so cute!

"Yes!" I said barely above a whisper.

"What?" Harry breathed out. His microphone was now lying on the stage floor.

"Yes!" I said jumping up and pulling him with me by his hands and kissing him passionately. There was cheering and clapping. The boys had a chorus of yays.

"I don't know what you've done! But you've got him whipped!" You would Lou. We pulled apart and Harry put the ring on my finger. I was crying, he wouldn't admit it but he was too.

We hugged each other tight but all too soon I realized that he had a concert to finish.

"Babe you've got to finish the song!" I said into his ear.

"I know! Do you wanna stay out here or do you wanna go backstage again?"

"I love you but backstage please!" with that he gave me one last kiss and I went back to where I was standing before.

*End of Flashback*

"What are you thinking about?" Harry whispered into my ear.

"When you proposed to me!" I answered looking up at him and turning in his arms so I was facing him.

"Yeah, my proposal was pretty fantastic!"

"mmhhmm" I mumbled leaning into his lips as he did the same. At the last second I decided to be a tease and turning to walk over to Kate. Harry spun me around in his arms makingme lose my blalnce and fall into his muscular chest.

"Dont be a tease!" he said then crashed his lips into mine. Our lips moved in perfect sync. I lightly nibbled on his bottom lip, making him moan. His tongue licked my lip, asking for entrance, which i granted. But I pulled back realizing that we were still in the middle of the airport. Harry sighed. Obviously realizing our location aswell.


"Oh you are so gonna get it when we get home!" He said seductively into my ear. I giggled.

"Well let's go then!"


"No, I hate your guts and I never want you to touch me again!" I said with my voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Your just making it worse on yourself sweetheart" He smirked.

"Whatever lets go, weirdo!"

We went around and gathered all the other loved up couples to go home. We walked to the people carrier with Paul.

"Oh yeah Casey we got your car brought over! Mel yours too!" Paul said.

"Thanks Paul! We said our goodbyes after Kate and I exchanged numbers. I knew her and Zayn would be perfect together!

"Off to home we go!" I said as Harry sat in the passenger seat. Once I turned on the car the radio turned on and Little Things came on I smiled and began to drive back to mine and Harry's flat. Time to explain what happened at breakfast!


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