One Less Lonely Girl.

this is a justin bieber fan fiction, a dream for thousands of girls all around the world.


5. Thinking Time Deadline.

Right Zisse knew that the concert was in two days and she needs to sort out whos shes bring between ariana and cathy. She can't choose because she loves them both so very much. 

So she got two pieces of paper and wrote their name 'Cathy' on one and 'Ariana' on the other. She places the two pieces of paper in a hat and close her  eyes, she moved the bits of paper about in the hat then she picked up a bit of paper. She didn't know who it was yet, she slowly unclenched her fists, she started to uncrumple the paper. She was holding her breath as she opened the bit of paper. And there in her hand she held the name of the person that she was share her very first concert with, and it was also JUSTIN BIEBER!! 

It was........... ARIANA. Zisse was still happy because Ariana is her best friend.


Monday 25th February


Dear Diary, i finally found out who I am bringing to the concert, its Ariana i havn't told her yet, but once i finish talking to you i'm gonna call her, i hope Cathy will be ok, well poppy took it well, least i have a big weight off my shoulders. Now i'm REALLY EXCITED!! the fact im in front row seats and get to meet him after the concert! AHHH well it's getting late, i better call ariana and go to bed! can't wait till Wednesday 27th of February it will be amazing. 

                                                                                      Love Zisse. x 


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