One Less Lonely Girl.

this is a justin bieber fan fiction, a dream for thousands of girls all around the world.


2. The Tickets.

As the sun rose over the beautiful city of paris Zisse's alarm tune 'baby' woke her up at 7am for school. She got up and got ready for school getting dressed and doing her make up, she got called by her mum who was downstairs. She sighed because she was in the middle of doing her eye liner and had to go the whole way downstairs to see what her mum wanted. 

When she got to the living room her mum told her to take a seat. Zisse was beginning to get worried because he mum had never been so serious to her when they were talking. 

"Zisse honey, i've something very important to tell you" her mum said softly

"What is it mum" Zisse said shocked.

" Remember the competition you saw on television yesterday?"she asked Zisse.

"yess........" she replied.

"welll... WE GOT THE TICKETS" she yelled

"OMG ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS?" she said while doing her happy dance.

Zisse was so pleased, her heart was racing so fast, she started to cry (tears of happiness) her mum had never seen her so happy before, she was glad she had entered the competition. 

"im glad your happy, as long as your happy im happy" he mum explained.

When Zisse realised her mum had said the word 'as long as' she remembered 'as long as you love me'

" AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME" Zisse sang as she ran up the stairs to finish her make up.


To Be Continued... follow my twitter @BiebersMyLolly  

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