One Less Lonely Girl.

this is a justin bieber fan fiction, a dream for thousands of girls all around the world.


3. The Bus.

The sun was shining but it was quite a cold day, Zisse was waiting at the bus stop alone, waiting for her bus to take her to school, Zisse lives 5 miles from the school but most of her friends live close to the school, so they all walk to school. Zisse hadn't told any of her friends about the tickets yet, she was still wondering who she was going to take with her, three of Zisses friends are beliebers, she just needs to find the one that deserves to go his believer tour and sit in front row seats and go to the meet and greet after the concert. 

Zisse's friends are called Poppy, Cathy and Ariana. She loves them all dearly and equally she just didn't know who to pick. When he bus arrived she saw samantha was sitting on the first seat as you go on the bus, Zisse hates samantha, theres a long story behind it, Zisse thinks that samantha is the bitch of the school.

Every morning when Zisse get on the bus she usually gets out her diary and writes about things thats on her mind, to pass time when shes lonely on the bus. 


Monday 25th February


  Dear Diary, The past to days have probably been the best day of my life, for one yesterday i got a follow from justin, and today i found out my mum has got me two front row seats and  meet and greet tickets for Justin. Thats like a perfect life for beiebers. I have one problem though, i need to choose who to bring to the concert with me, poppy,cathy or ariana. its just so hard to choose,i guess i'll have to make the decision today in school. Hope everything will be ok for the other two girls.

            Love Zisse x


   To Be Continued... follow my twitter @BiebersMyLolly. 

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