One Less Lonely Girl.

this is a justin bieber fan fiction, a dream for thousands of girls all around the world.


4. School.

When Zisse arrived at school, her friends Ariana, Cathy and poppy greeted her at the door with a hug, which Zisse looked forward to seeing every day when she came to school. Her friends knew something was up thou because Zisses usually more hyper when she arrives. Zisse is pleased that she has tickets, in fact shes over the moon, but shes just thinking about who to bring.

The first bell rings so the girls all head to class, first class they have math, not a good way to start on a monday morning, but it was ok because the teacher hasn't showed up so they get a free period, Zisse got out a piece of scrap paper and started doodling things like 'l love justin' and hearts, then she found herself writing a list of , Cathy, Poppy and Arianas names. 

She thought it would be best to keep a note of who to bring to the concert, she thought that Ariana would be good because she knows know of his songs and never shuts up about him, but Cathy was also good because she loved him and had loads of banners and posters, Poppy was amazing at writing fan fictions about him, Zisse crossed poppy off the list because shes not really in to him as much as Cathy and Ariana is. Now its between Cathy and Ariana. 

The second bell goes for second class, so Zisse quickly put the bit of paper into her jeans pocket heads to art.

"Hey Zisse, whats up?" asked Cathy

"hey cathy, nothing much you?" she lied

"Hey Zisse" added in from poppy and ariana.

"hey guys" she pulled on a fake smile as she spoke

"are you ok Zisse"? asked poppy

"I have something to tell you guys" said Zisse

"what?" they all said curiously 

" Me and my mum were watching television, we saw an advert for Justin believe tickets, front row and meet and greats.. and we entered.. and i won!

"explained Zisse

"OMG OMG, WHO YOU BRINGING?" they all screamed

" Thats the problem i dont know, i need to decide soon thou because the concerts in two days"she said 


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