One Less Lonely Girl.

this is a justin bieber fan fiction, a dream for thousands of girls all around the world.


9. Fare well till tomorrow.

They we're just home when Ariana's mum pulled up at the front door to collect her to come home, they had the own personalised t-shirts with their names and lots of other belieber things.


Tuesday 26th February.

Dear Diary,

    We finished the banner and got our t-shirts and we enjoyed a lovely lunch in subway, guess i'm all set for tomorrow. I'm gonna find it hard sleeping tonight im just so excited. It's also my 19th birthday tomorrow, I'm sure this will be a night to remember. Its 11pm now i better get to bed i need to be up at 10 in the morning, on the bright side i've missed to days of school. weee heey! night!!

                                                 Love Zisse.x


Zisse got into her Justin Bieber bedtime clothes and took her make up off and brushed her teeth, finally she was ready for bed.

"Better set my alarm for 10am, knowing me i'll sleep in" she reminded herself.

-sets her alarm-

-falls asleep-


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