One Less Lonely Girl.

this is a justin bieber fan fiction, a dream for thousands of girls all around the world.


6. Calling Ariana.

-phones ringing-

"hello?" Ariana answered the phone.

"Hey Ari, how are you?" asked Zisse

"i'm good thanks, how come your calling at 10pm?" ask Ariana

" i was ringing you to ask you something?" Zisse told her.

"what is it?" Ariana said worried,

" ok, i'm bringing you to the Justin Bieber concert!"Zisse said proudly

"OMG, YES! ZISSE I LOVE YOU BABY, OMG OMG OMG" she yelled down the phone.

"ok baby, its getting late we better get to sleep, night" she said yawning

"good night baby, love you biffle" she laughed.


Zisse went to sleep happily knowing that everything was ok and that there was no fuss at all, shes going to be going to see her idol without any stress.


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